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Samsung To Add 120hz Refresh Rate @ WQHD+!

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Oct 21, 2010
I'd be curious to hear their reasoning for not doing it. I have my assumptions (battery life impact). If it were to be added, I'd expect they'd probably put up a flashing red warning about the negative(s).


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Very nice move from Samsung! I guess the thread can be closed now, no need for further petitions! :D:good:
The article says "what is unfortunate is that we don’t know as to when the firmware update will arrive" - hence it's alright to have this thread opened I think till "this change" is actually seen in retail units.;)
Can't believe the petition worked. Will it work on unlocking the bootloader?? wisfhful thinking
Can't say it's due to that petition or Samsung had a plan already!
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Jun 5, 2012
Apple? Samsung is currently the most expensive.

Depending on where you live. Pro Max 256GB is a bit more expensive than S20 Ultra and you get free Buds+ and fast charger. Maybe you live in the US where iPhones are cheaper.

In Europe:
iPhone 11: 800- 850,-
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB: 1100-1150,- 256GB: 1300-1350,-
iPhone 11 Max: 1250,- 256GB 1400,-
S20 4G: 899,-
S20 5G: 999,-
S20+: 1199,-
S20 Ultra: 1349,-

Still I think they're overpriced by 200,- and I think 64GB is not really an option.


Feb 21, 2020
Hope this is not the same humbug as enabling 25w charging on the S10 last year and that day never came....I dont believe this.

Yeah, that was very bad of Samsung.

The good news is that Samsung has to step on it now. The new competition is no longer Apple. It's no longer enough to be a little better than iPhones as it used to be.

There are so many new gaming smartphones and so on now.

Finally, after years, there is real progress again.
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Feb 26, 2012
Big Country
If you want flagship specs at a lower price there's One+.
I sent mine back because it kept losing connection on cell and wifi.
Could have been defective, dunno.
And no wireless charging kind of sealed the dealbreaker status.

120Hz is going to be a common thing.
My iPad Pro 11" has it and that display is smooth as Teflon.
The XS was brand new when it was released and it spanked it hard.
Even the mighty 11 Pro Max can't top the A12X SOC. A14X is going to be a beast!

I fear that refresh rate wars will start. 240Hz is next.

So even as one day we have a 10Ah graphene pack that can go from 5% to 95% in 5 min or less, full off charger experience is under a day because of mm wave 5G, 8K displays, 16K video capture with no less than 10 microphones for discrete positional array audio, etc. It's gotten ridiculous.

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