SanDisk 128GB Micro SD Card: Real vs. Fake


Jul 18, 2014
I've been searching for a while for a in forums to see the difference between real vs. fake SanDisk 128GB MicroSD. Long story short, A couple months back ago, I was looking for a 128GB SD Card I wanted to put into my phone. I figured I could get one for a decent price on EBay(Yes I know about many counterfeit cards circulating around). I did an intensive search online but really couldn't find many detail between the difference between real vs fake. After a long intensive search, I couldn't find a tale of a fake. I started looking at each sellers feedback to be sure I wasn't getting ripped. Long behold, I found a seller with a decent price with a feedback of 100% for all his sells of SD Card. I quickly jumped on it and ordered one myself thinking it was somewhat legit. I was still in a limbo of 50/50 if it was real or not.

Upon receiving the item, I was still skeptical so I put it to the test. Plug the card into my laptop. It shows it has 127GB of 128GB in use. I was like hmm? this seem weird since I've seen online they only go to 119GB after partition. Ended up doing a couple test with h2testw and it came out fake. It only read about 8GB and lost about 118 or so of data. Tested it with another tool for a 2nd opinion. I used FAKEFLASHTEST and the result came back the same. (FAKEFLASHTEST is a lot quicker than h2testw).

Contacted the seller and told him that it was a counterfeit, he quickly refunded me the money and I didn't have to send the card back to him. So I kept the card for future reference until I bought myself a legit Sandisk 128GB SD card from BestBuy. Started doing a comparison and see the difference.

From package: If you never owned one, you wouldn't think twice of it. The package was on par with the Authentic one which had a little sturdy built to it. Played with it and notice authentic one was more sturdy. Can you guess which one is real?

Left: Authentic; Right: Fake

Flip it to the back and checked out the writing. Everything seem on par. Even the QR code will sends you to a legit Sandisk site. So I looked at the warranty area and spotted the difference. The fake one has a more yellow hue to it than to the authentic. I compared a couple of real one to the fake.

From the inside, I notice the real packaging has a serial and bar code unlike the fake one.


Onto the card: Real is on the left and fake on the right.
Notice how on the fake, the font is more red than compared to the authentic one which has an orange-reddish hue to it. Also the fonts are very different from each other and the real one has a more cleaner look with smaller font on ULTRA. The spacing on the 128GB isn't far out from each other than to the fake. The texture of the card is about the same but the fake one is more rougher and not as smooth.

Back of the card:
The fake one does not have a box like ridge around it to the authentic. Here's a reference to a couple real card to the fake.

Upon looking at it, I didnt see much different with a quick glance beside the texture and feel. The fake card felt a little rougher whereas the authentic one was smooth a bit. Further inspection, I spotted a tale onto which one is real and fake beside the feel test. Can you guess which one is fake?

The 3rd one from the left is a fake. You can see the ridge part of the adapter on the left is a lot lower than to the real ones.

Hope this help you guys.
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Jan 27, 2014
The 3rd one from the left is a fake. You can see the ridge part of the adapter on the left is a lot lower than to the real ones.
That one also has a square edge inside the slot for the microSD to go in, whereas the rest have a slightly concave inside edge;):good:
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