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School Project: Investigation of android forensics and associated techniques

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Sep 10, 2009
Hi everyone..
Dont know if i am pasting this in the right thread or if there is a thread suitable for a post like this at all.. sorry mods if i am pasting it in the wrong place.
now to the point.
I am doing a forensics course in school and i have realised that there is so little information available out there about forensics on the android platform. Yes we do have nandroid etc.. that take images of the phone. But how can the artifacts be analysed.
It is a a research project and no software has to be built.. hopefully.

I am here to ask for help from anyone who can give me information.. of any kind about forensics on the android platform in general. right from data acquisition to data analysis.
I own a G1 and play around with it a lot so i understand the terminology .. please just reply to this thread or send me a PM to register your help.. thanks