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Question Screen dimming randomly

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Senior Member
Nov 1, 2010
ASUS ZenFone 8

Recently got this phone and very happy with it. Only issue I have found is that the screen occasionally dims randomly, not by a lot, but noticeable when it happens.

Adaptive brightness is off. System mode is set to dynamic.

Is dynamic system mode the issue? If so which is a good adaptive battery setting which won't affect the screen brightness.

Thanks in advance


New member
Aug 24, 2010
I assume its due to the changes in refresh rate. Try setting the refresh rate to a single value (120 90 or 60) and i think you wont see the transition.


Senior Member
Jan 16, 2010
same problem.

have zenfone 7 rooted. locked to 90hz. adaptive brightness switched off.

anyone found a solution or cause?

I've noticed it happens when i tilt the phone.

and also when i have an app overlaid over main screen. like YouTube vanced minimised etc.

i think phone somehow might be switching brightness between the small app at the front and the main app on the back and doing it back and forth.
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