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Screen Freeze K33a42 (Resolved)

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Oct 3, 2014
Device Lenovo k6 power k33a42 running stock 7.0 last stock build.
Device would work fine as long as I am on lockscreen, I can put password type every thing, but the moment I enter the correct password and start using it, it would freeze on the homescreen, I would lock and unlock again by typing the password, only to get frozen screen. so power off and reboot, I can type in password again and get to homescreen, this time I could use the device without freezing,
3rd time, it freeze in between.
lock, unlock, reboot, seems to make it work again.

factory reset many times. no effect.
flashed custom ROM LOS 15.1 and LOS 14.1, got process system stopped error on LOS 15.1 and on 14.1 have to log.

Used no mods, no files apart from ROM and opengapps

Clean flash, No external sd card.

My first few suspect,
1. LCD display loose connection that causes the device to sometimes works flawlessly and sometimes make it impossible, opened back panel, did some not so useful checkup, closed again. useless don't try.
2. Messed up OTA updates, flashing stock S223 update, will report if this solved.
3. Overheat, most unlikely,

and the culprit
Lenovo, spoiled Moto as well.

If anyone has any info that they can share, please feel free to comment..
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Oct 3, 2014
After flashing
Lenovo_K33a42_S223_Q00440_20170610 via QFIL (removed all the data, including the internal sd card)
All The problem seems to be gone, touch is responsive, no freezing or overheating anymore, even the MIC issue was resolved which was present before on this particular unit. noticed unstable and low sim signal sometimes.

I think it's best for anyone who is coming from Stock ROM to flash the Stock ROM via QFIL to avoid such issues first.

Got OTA update K33_S223_170610_ROW_TO_K33_S229_170908_ROW of 76mb
after update again got another one, system looks to be working fine. touch was responsive as well.

after flashing this I could notice touch lags, this is without installing any other 3rd party apps and no files whatsover apart from the ones lenovo pushed through the device.
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