Screen/GPU problem on my Rog 3 - Need advice

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Jul 27, 2014
ASUS ROG Phone 3
Hi guys,

I just bought an Asus Rog 3 in "used like new condition" and I am experiencing glitches on my screen. Here is a screen recording of a site I experienced this at its worst:

This also happens if I am on a video call and at the same time I am browsing on

I've also experienced this (in a minor way) while playing Call of Duty. Is it a minor glitch? Can it be corrected via a software update or is this a hardware problem? Is it a settings issue? Do I need to send the phone back?

Any help is appreciated.


Oct 9, 2018
Okay, to be honest this don't look like a software issue.
Or something that can be fixed with an update. It looks like an hardware failure.
If it were hardware failure then the screen recorder would not pick it up. not ruling hardware out completely but it is a software problem
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