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Screen Mirroring from Xperia Z to Roku 3?

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Senior Member
Oct 8, 2010
So I've just found out that my Roku 3 streaming network player now has beta support for screen mirroring from some Android and Windows mobile devices. Roku's own blog shows that they have tested it with a selection of Samsung and Nexus devices, but they encourage trying other unlisted devices.

I know the Xperia Z has supported screen mirroring since day 1, and I have tested it successfully with a friend's Sony Bravia TV. However I can't get my Xperia Z to mirror to my Roku box. When I select screen mirroring in the Xperia Connectivity section of the settings app and then tap on Turn on Screen Mirroring, I then get "Searching for Devices" and after a second or two, I see my Roku 3 listed. It then attempts to connect, and the TV screen goes from Roku screensaver to the main home screen. After a few seconds I get "Could not turn on screen mirroring" on the Xperia, but the Roku home screen remains unchanged. I get a similar result if I select my Roku 3 from the Throw menu on my phone.

I checked that Screen Mirroring is enabled in the Roku settings menu. My phone is a UK unlocked handset with the latest 10.5.1.A.0.283 Kitkat 4.4.4 build. It may well be that the Roku3 mirroring feature being in beta just doesn't quite support Miracast properly, but it could be that my Xperia Z doesn't support it properly. Does anyone have any ideas? I searched the forum for the term Roku but found 2 unrelated threads.



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Feb 3, 2009
Hi! I was just testing yesterday with a Philips 7800 series 4K tv and found that the same error occurred. I have used my Xperia Z in the past with a D-Link MainStage DHD-131 and it worked successfully (when my phone was running 4.3). Now with 4.4 it connects sporadically but it won't display anything using Miracast. I guess changes in the kernel broke general Miracast compatibility or something. It did work with a Sony TV tho... :confused: