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Jun 16, 2016
I have to charge it 4 times a day, usually get 2-2.5 hr SOT with 4g on full day, its very painful. I don't know how people get 6 hr SOT which i never got even when the phone was new.

I'm practically in the same situation as you! Whether with custom roms or stock roms, since I decided to reflect the original firmware again! It is true that the battery is still the original one and the phone is from October 2016 ...


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Dec 15, 2017
9 hours of more of SOT with degrades battery (84℅) and the awesome Lag_Terminator III profile of mine, no lags full speed
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Feb 22, 2016
2 years old in-built battery (82% health remaining) in an oreo custom rom, rooted, greenify most apps and games, naptime on, power mode on mid level, brightness about 25-30%, AOD off, wifi off 60-70% of the day, bluetooth off, GPS off, NFC off, synac off, dark theme and mode (substratum).

6h&2m is my maximum SOT, and 55-60 mins on heavy games like ARk.
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Sep 6, 2019

My S7 edge looks like an s6. I have it 2 years ago and my battery is 84% of health.
I have OneUI installed and the duration is worse than Ultimate Nougat or Nougat Samsung Experience, for example.
I never used the fast charging sincerely, only sometimes..

13 hrs on battery and 2 hrs 50 on screen yesterday.. I don't know what to do lol


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May 27, 2016
San Juan Province.
I have 4 years battery, health=65%
Rom: BD N8 Port V5.1. Android 9
Sync = ON
Nigth Mode = ON
GPS = Device Only, always on
50% of the day with WiFi and 50% with 4G with Good Signal.

SOT = 3 hours with 45 min with 10% remaining
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Sep 21, 2019
Battery: 3 years old
Health: 75% (2700 Mah)
Kernel: TGP Kernel
Root: Yes (Magisk)
Busy Box: Yes
Rom: Stock Oreo
EdXposed: Yes
Greenify: Enabled on all apps except for Amplify, Powernap & Edxposed Manager
Powernap: Yes
Amplify: Yes with default settings
Sync: Off
Brightness: 35-40%
GPS: Off
95% of the day with Wifi on.
Launcher: Nova Launcher

SOT: Only around 3 hours if Im using Youtube, Chrome or any social media. (Around 30% per hour)
If i game, then the sot decreases to a total time of around 2 hours. (Around 45% per hour)
On idle, it takes around 5% per hour, which menas it lasts for around a day (20 Hours to be exact)


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Apr 13, 2014
S7 edge - SM-G9350 Trada v10 (8.0.0)
Battery Health = Approximately 2600mAh
SOT = 4hrs+- (13% remaining) depending on load. 4 hours average on heavy wifi usage (browsing, streaming, little to no breaks).

Attached battery stats screenshot

[UPDATE] as my previous sot was still adjusting.
Battery Health: +-2,600mAh (72%)
Battery Savings: Brevent + Freeze
Usage: Heavy WiFi usage (browsing and streaming while messenger is active)
Screen On Time: 5 hours and 32 mins
Total Device Usage: 5 hours and +-40 mins
Battery Remaining: 4%

Attached updated ss


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Apr 13, 2014
How are u guys reporting battery health? Why app is accurate?
Accubattery is p accurate. Tho you need to charge it to 100% and let accubattery run in the background on the entirety of the battery (100% to around 5%, you should be able to tell the mAh accurately and just do the math to get percent health)

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    6h 3min SOT over 1day and 16h use. @11% left, Heavy use, Exynos
    exynos variant here
    charged 100 % in the morning .. 25 % at 12 am .. 4 hours screen on time
    i used very little gaming and a bit of gear vr to try it

    but with such a huge battery .. im not impressed.
    Exynos , Android 7 Beta awesome screen on time. Power save mode, HD screen, black theme.
    Sorry i did not know this was a contest. When i use the phone only for one day and reduce the brightness i'm sure SOT would have been 7-8 hours, but this is not the way i use my phone.
    Don't know if this has been said before, but my battery life drastically went up after disabling Smart Alert.