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Mar 20, 2021
Hi Everyone,

The F62/M62 is a battery champ for sure, but a lot of reviews indicate that the efficiency is not as great as the M51 with the 730G. Please post your screen on time so that everyone could benefit from it.

PS: I saw in the M51 thread that people were getting 15+ hours of screen on time by disabling a lot of useless apps using Samsung Package disabler pro. Has anyone tried something similar on F62?



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Apr 14, 2019
Screenshot_20210410-112324_Device care.jpg


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Feb 23, 2017
Samsung Galaxy F62
I am getting 10hr of screen on time on average on Samsung f62.

Cons :
  1. Other then that I face random heating near camera
  2. GPU is not that powerfull, Jitters while playing in full graphics : cod, pubg, asphalt 9.
  3. It took 2 hrs to charge the phone.
  4. No system app lock.
Pros :
  1. Display is awesome.
  2. Camera is superb in daylight images.
  3. Full Knox support
Waiting for custom ROMs.


  • Screenshot_20210413-115311_Device care.png
    Screenshot_20210413-115311_Device care.png
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    Screenshot_20210413-115320_Device care.png
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    Screenshot_20210413-115303_Device care.png
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Feb 4, 2019
Hi everyone,

Just got a new F62 but I don't find this to be a battery champ. I hardly get any screen on time and the usual brightness is just good enough to see the screen in the dark. Attached is my battery usage. (working from home don't need high brightness). Not entirely sure if this is an issue with my device or if I'm missing something that I should be doing (removing useless apps and installing greenify)


  • Screenshot_20210415-112923_Device care.jpg
    Screenshot_20210415-112923_Device care.jpg
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