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Question Screen problems (anomalies)?

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    Anyone with Mi 11 Lite experiencing screen "black crush" or gradient issues?

    Seems prominent problem according to this thread, as you can see the pictures of the issue on the official support thread.

    I just received my Mi 11 Lite 4G today, not used a lot, but checking it with some total-black images it seems good.
    But on the italian telegram community several people complain about your problem.
    Probably a batch of defective screens? :(
    I'll think about returning the phone, if I where in your situation
    Luckily I didn't buy phone yet, because I've seen the same ongoing topics about screen problems. Russian's communities are also reporting vast number of affected units, seems everyone got their phones from the first batch, so it could really be a jinxed batch... But apparently Xiaomi said it's working on a software fix.

    That's why I am holding off, I don't want to buy a phone and get one from the firsts batch that may be problem.
    Can you tell me production date of your phone. It should be on the box in MM.YYYY format. Because as I have read many people with screen anomalies seem to have batch 01.2021.

    Yes, of course: mine is 2021.02
    Seems i've been lucky ;)
    The mi 11 Lite thread on 4pda is reporting, on page 102, an update to12.08 that does something to improve the display.
    The only thing they do is making less notification shade less transparent. But the Black crush is still there when you watch movie on low Light. If about half brightness then the black crush is gone.. not much improvement. On my fourth pic is Half brightness in light condtion. I dont know is this really software problem or hardware issue
    And what about image retention? I've even read some people reporting true burn ins after short time.

    Somehow I am afraid that Xiaomi put not so good panel on this device, that's low quality and the software fixes can only mask the issues but no truly solve it.