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Question Screen suddenly stuck at 60hz

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May 3, 2017
Hi, all,

I have had the Redmi Note 10 Pro for a week now. It has all the annoying issues discussed in the other threads but other than than it has been performing pretty well and consistently.

Now all of a sudden the screen is stuck at 60 hz. In Settings it says 120 but you can see it and power monitor states 60. Went to reboot a few times and alternate between 60 and 120 in Settings, did not fix it. Then I tried to change to Light Theme, just to try and see if it does anything. It does not but alternating between Light and Dark themes is a pain - you tap and it does not register, the theme remains Dark and in a few minutes it has been changed to Light in Settings but it is still dark.

Changed launchers, same thing. I will now re-install the update and see if it does anything. I don't think anyone will have a fix for this but I am starting the topic as a tool to trace the problem and discuss with other people who will eventually stumble upon this.

P.S.: Re-installing the update did not do it. Refresh rate is 60hz and Dark/Light theme is unchangeable.

Edit: Ok, plugged in the charger, both issues are fixed. Plug out, issues are back. So some bug with battery saving which I first used today before charging earlier today. Still not sure how to fix.

EDIT2: Ok, now I read this topic I somehow missed yesterday: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...o-max-and-other-issues.4260955/#post-84822703

I am sure this happened because I disabled MIUI Optimization a few days prior to that. I have now done a factory reset and the issue is gone for the moment.
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