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Screen went blank out of nowhere (it is not broken or damaged).

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I was using my phone like any other day and just like that the screen went blank. The phone itself is functioning as it should, notification LED blinks properly, vibration is working and when rebooting, the whole REDMI and MIUI animation shows up (with the screen fully functioning) but once the boot ends, PUFF, gone blank again. Fastboot also shows the bunny messing with the android, so it is not a faulty screen but some glitch with the ROM (stock fully updated) I guess.

Any insights on this particular issue without the need of wiping it clean?

PS: the MI suite says it is not compatible with the phone... so I'm super anxious about losing all my data.
PPS: since the screen isn't working I can't change from CHARGE ONLY to USB FILE TRANSFER, is there a way?
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Nov 22, 2014
I have dropped the phone once, and the screen wasn't working.
Luckily I changed the battery before, so it was easy to open the back of the phone.
After the drop, the screen connector got disconnected somehow.
So after connecting it, it still working fine.

Check the connection if you can, and the new screen is only $20.