Screen2Auto - New app for AA smartphone mirroring (only for root devices).

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Dec 16, 2008
Tested on rooted s21 ultra. Une ui3.1,android perfect everuthing except screen resize after disconnecting program... Screen doesn't come back to stock :(


Feb 25, 2021
Tested on rooted s21 ultra. Une ui3.1,android perfect everuthing except screen resize after disconnecting program... Screen doesn't come back to stock :(
I had exactly the same problems 2 times already and could not fix it so rerooted again ,for me no screen2auto anymore ,carstream work perfect and thats enough at the moment waiting a better screen app will come.
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Kemal zengin

Feb 8, 2021
[QUOTE = "songoku1, gönderi: 84610615, üye: 1422771"]
Köklü s21 ultra üzerinde test edilmiştir. Une ui3.1, android 11., programın bağlantısı kesildikten sonra ekran yeniden boyutlandırma dışında mükemmel bir şekilde çalışır ... Ekran stoğa geri dönmez:(


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Jun 2, 2012
Tested on rooted s21 ultra. Une ui3.1,android perfect everuthing except screen resize after disconnecting program... Screen doesn't come back to stock :(
Rooted with s20 ultra ui3.1 magisk 22. I patched the app tar.md5 with magisk and burned it with odin. Twrp 3.5 is installed. everything is normal but touch is not working on the car screen. how did you do it.


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Jun 2, 2012
I had exactly the same problems 2 times already and could not fix it so rerooted again ,for me no screen2auto anymore ,carstream work perfect and thats enough at the moment waiting a better screen app will come.
oo I've tried it at least 10 times. I gave up now. but android 10 works fine with magisk 20.4.
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Oct 28, 2010
Hi all
Another issue, i managed to launch Google maps out of AA, but the problem is the start button doesn't respond after getting directions while if i disconnected the phone from AA it works.....
Thanx in advance for any help


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May 15, 2008
Sorry if it has been asked, but is there an English version of screen2echo. I have no clue what I am looking at. Would love to use my second phone without a sim in the car permanently. Thank you


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Nov 17, 2007
after google translate , I faced same issue one time , reconnect your phone again on your car and close/exit AA from there, after cable disconnection phone works smoothly.
Thanks, but I already ended up Factory resetting that phone,Moto Z3 Play, couldnt fix the screen issue. Now Im using a Moto G stylus and Screen2Auto isnt working, doesn't show up in AA. May be because I'm on Magisk 22. Not worth it for me to downgrade, I'll just use my spare iphone SE with carplayenable in my Truck for now. Maybe when this app,or another, becomes more stable and easier to use I'll take another look.


Jul 5, 2020
I need some help with a 2 phone setup.

My car phone (CT) is a rooted LG G2 (Android 7.1.1 with no data/cell plan). My primary phone (PT) is an unrooted Galaxy S7. My car allows multiple phones to be connected by Bluetooth to my headunit. However, only one phone (primary) can be set for both incoming and outgoing calls. All the other phones are incoming calls only. I connect my PT for incoming and outgoing calls; and my CT gets automatically connected and set for incoming calls only.

This works pretty good with one exception. I can't make outgoing phone calls from within AA . If I do a search using Google Assistant and try to phone a number I found I get a "Voice commands not available right now" message. I can make and receive phone calls using my car's Bluetooth connection to my PT.

I tried freezing my CT Bluetooth with various apps but they would still let my CT connect to my car's Bluetooth. So I installed Titanium Backup and purchased the Pro key. There are 2 Bluetooth system apps on my CT: Bluetooth MIDI Service 7.1.1 and Bluetooth Share 7.1.1. I can freeze the MIDI service and Bluetooth still works but my CT still connects to my car for incoming calls. However, if I freeze Bluetooth Share the Bluetooth gets completely disabled.

The main reason I use Screen2Auto is so I can display my radar detector app on my headunit. The app needs to be connected to my radar detector by Bluetooth. So my CT Bluetooth needs to be enabled.

Is freezing Bluetooth supposed to be the same thing as disabling it?

Should I expect to be able to make phone calls from within AA with the 2 phone setup if my CT doesn't have a cell/data plan?

Is there some setting I'm missing in my AA CT to allow me to make outgoing calls with the 2 phone setup?

Thanks for any help/suggestions.


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Nov 6, 2016
batavia, ohio
I just found this thread today. After some tweaking and reinstalling, I am able to get video to my car's screen. I have a Moto Z3 Play, Magisk 22.0, and a Pioneer AVH-2500. I did this:
1: install AA Phenotype Patcher 0.85
2: install AndroidAuto v .9.604644(edit, it's 5.9.604644)
3: install Screen2Auto_v3.4.5 (Updated to v3.4.6)

Enable developer mode in AA, check unknown sources, and patch Screen2Auto with the patcher.

Edit: Touchscreen IS working after Selecting "automatic shutdown of SELinux" under other settings. I have only tested with a few apps but Sound works on but IPTV extreme app.( Have Video but no sound.)

Pretty cool so far, but Not Quite the experience as using My jailbroke iphoneSE with Carplayeneble, where everything works flawless and can be controlled from the Car radio. Will be following this thread regularly. Thanks!
Well I'm def gonna give your suggestions here a try since it seems for the most part we have the same setup going minus phones and pioneer model but that shouldn't matter hopefully lol thanks for this I'll let ya know if I got it going

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    Bullshit to my mind. Why should a dev reply here? Join his Telegram group, use translator for Russian, ask there and stop complaining about a free app that works for the most of us just perfect.

    Have you already donated some bucks for the dev?

    200% agree.

    Pixel 2 user here. Official support from Google stopped in 12/2020 with Android 11.

    " Downgraded " to official LOS 17.1 ( Magisk 21.+ issue with Android 11 in combination with s2a ) , atm Magisk 20.4 - success.

    Not everyone wants s2a for watching videos in car and so on, there are some people who need other, more useful apps, like me. TomTom NDS version with truck support ( dimensions, weights ) and real time notifications about traffic. S2a works perfectly. Point.
    I've been using S2A for a while on and off, I only use it for one app for offroad navigation really. I tried using it today and it doesn't even show up in android auto anymore.

    I'm using got the following:
    Magisk v20.4
    AA v6.1.610544
    S2A v3.4.6

    Installed on:
    Asus Zenfone 4 (Z01KD)
    Android 8.0.0

    I have tried downloading phenotype patcher 0.85 alone and whitelisting that way. When I look in the setting for android auto S2A is listed. I've attached a screenshot of the permissions and versions

    Any clues as to why it is no longer showing up? While I was testing initially I also installed AA mirror, that also doesn't show up, so it seems like the whitelist isn't being properly applied?

    Oh also, AA is in developer mode with unknown sources allowed
    Any resolution to the fact, that for many of us car touchscreen does not respond to screen touches when in an app?
    Mirroring works fine, but unless we can control the phone from the car screen it is useless.

    Thank you
    my touch is working fine with A11 using senulix switch but i am unable to get s2echo working thats an amazing idea and i desperately needs it
    Same problem I have no touch on youtube for exemple
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    Smartphone screen on Anddroid Auto HU car screen
    For root devices only!




    Application features:
    - The main reason for creating this application is working with Android 9 Pie
    1. Сompletely new application combining AAMirror & AAStream features.
    2. Additional functions: clock, dimming, selection of resolutions, etc.
    3. Ability to choose the automatic launch of any application at A2M startup.
    4. Floating button to control the application from the HU screen.
    5. Ability to reset if incorrect output and resolution distortion.
    6. Many other chips...

    Installation and setup:
    1. Install Screen2Auto
    2. Enable developper settings in Android Auto and enable Unkown sources in developper settings.
    1. Launch on the Android Auto mobile device
    2. Open the menu, tap the tab "About Android Auto"
    3. In the menu that opens, tap on the gear (settings). Then we crawl to the very bottom of the menu that opens: "Version 4.5. *** - release".
    4. 10 times tap on the display of the version of Android Auto, a window will appear where we must agree with what we are doing. Click "Yes."
    5. Go to the menu (tap "three points") and select the tab "For Developers" that appears in the menu
    6. In the last line, put a checkmark "Unknown sources" or use other settings of the developer's menu.
    3. Use the AA AIO TWEAKER from @shmykelsa for activation third-party applications.
    4. Launch the application and perform the initial setup of permission recovery. Click on the button and save them.
    5. Make the necessary settings as desired.
    If, after turning off the smartphone or exiting AA (turned off the car, closed the emulator, removed the USB), the resolution of the smartphone did not return to its original state (the recovery settings, failure, smartphone features, etc. were set incorrectly, etc.), you need go to Settings → Reset settings and select the WM SIZE RESET option. Resolution will be restored to factory.

    Don't forget to use the button (if you want course):

    Warning! New version of the application released!
    Thanks to everyone who offered delicious coffee!
    All of this thanks to all caring people.

    What's new

    • Added persistent quick launch bar
    • Added a pause S2A. If need to use the phone (so as not to disconnect)
    • Fixed bug with floating button
    • Fixed bug with choosing launcher button and background
    • Minor fixes

    • Added the ability to change the icon of the floating button
    • Added autostart
    • Added starting Tasker task after completion
    • Minor fixes

    • Fixed jambs
    • Added Support for Screen2Echo*
    • *Screen2Echo - application idesigned to link two phones. An application for those who do not want to get root on their main phone, and the second one is always in the car . Screen2Auto and S2Echo communicate via WiFi Hotspot.
    • Added Function to enable Hotspot at phone startup

    • Bug fixes
    • Switch "Do not restore" in the settings
    • Fixes for some jambs version 3.2

    • Bug fixes
    • Fix launch on Android 5&6
    • Fix Netflix (be sure to enable accessibility)
    • Adjustment of language packs
    • Added new translations

    • Application optimization
    • Made initial setting (Wizard settings)
    • Updated language files. (Thanks for the translations)
    • Added driving safety warning












    Well, as usual, I will be glad your coffee
    Download: ↓↓↓
    A new version 3.4.6 has been released

    • Added persistent quick launch bar
    • Added a pause S2A. If need to use the phone (so as not to disconnect)
    • Fixed bug with floating button
    • Fixed bug with choosing launcher button and background
    • Minor fixes
    Screen2Auto upgrade to v2.8!
    • Work optimization
    • (Delete) Removed the speedometer.
    • (Add) Added switch to enable / disable the function of forced application termination
    • (Add) Added to the launcher the HOME and WORK buttons from the Yandex navigator.
    • (Add) Added Polish language (thanks wal24)
    • (Add) Launching scree2auto task from Tasker
    • (Fix) Fixed launch from the application menu
    Warning! New version of the Screen2Auto v2.2 released!

    -Completely rewritten application code.
    -Changed the interface and settings menu.
    -Quick panel replaced by launcher.
    -Increased download and work speed.
    -Implemented launch of two applications at once (Split screens) by creating double shortcuts in Launcher.
    -Return AAUnlock to the application (phenotype patcher is not needed).
    -Alphabetically sorting applications in menu.
    -Screen orientation issues fixed.
    -Checking the new application version.
    -Other minor fixes

    Don't upgrade to Android Auto 6.0.6153! There are problems with the work of third-party applications! No solution yet!

    Solution found :)
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