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Screen2Auto - New app for AA smartphone mirroring (only for root devices).

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Senior Member
Jul 13, 2010
The SU connector magisk app did the trick to get touch working again on my Redmi Note 5 Pro with the latest version of Magisk. (MIUI12 Android 9 w/root)

Still trying to find a way to make DRM apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime work on the vehicles screen, but everything else is working nicely. Torque and some plugins for it along with my Bluetooth OBD2 module have been fun to play with. YouTube Vanced works just fine too, for those of you having issues with the stock YouTube app. YouTube Music Vanced with tablet mode turned on in vanced settings works extremely well too.


Jan 28, 2013
Hello together,

I installed on my Gigaset GS4 with Android 10 without root.

I can see the Screen2Auto app on Android Auto in my car. Unfortunately there are no Apps available when I open Screen2Auto.

Can someone please explain, what I'm doing wrong?



Senior Member
Nov 17, 2007
I updated the Google app, not Android Auto, and now it forces me to update Android Auto and screen 2 auto doesn't work.
May see if I can reinstall an older Google app.


Senior Member
May 29, 2007
somewhere far far away
Hi I've got a weird issue that's just started so not sure if it's an update that's caused it.

So when I connect my phone to the ford connect it switched to android auto. I then select screen2auto and it shows the apps I want. Then mirrors phone. YouTube plays fine on the screen and so does anything else

Netflix plays on my phone but on the ford screen it's just black. Weirdly it shows the Netflix controls for next pause etc. I can even hear audio fine. Also even shows the age disclaimer when something starts.

How do I fix this? I have tried to unpatch then re patch apps. No luck. I have tried the Netflix fix option on s2a app no luck.

Netflix version I'm on is Version 7.107.0 build 5 35497.

Phone is on android 11 but like I said I've never had an issue with Netflix til yesterday. And I don't think there was an update yesterday .

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New member
Feb 20, 2021
Salve, ho un problema strano che è appena iniziato, quindi non sono sicuro che sia un aggiornamento a causarlo.

Quindi, quando collego il mio telefono alla Ford Connect, è passato ad Android Auto. Quindi seleziona screen2auto e mostra le app che voglio. Quindi rispecchia il telefono. YouTube funziona bene sullo schermo e così fa qualsiasi altra cosa

Netflix funziona sul mio telefono ma sullo schermo Ford è solo nero. Stranamente mostra i controlli Netflix per la prossima pausa ecc. Riesco persino a sentire l'audio bene. Mostra anche il disclaimer sull'età quando inizia qualcosa.

Come posso risolvere questo problema? Ho provato a rimuovere la patch e poi a correggere l'app. Senza fortuna. Ho provato l'opzione di correzione di Netflix sull'app2a senza fortuna.

La versione di Netflix in cui mi trovo è la versione 7.107.0 build 5 35497.

Il telefono è su Android 11, ma come ho detto non ho mai avuto problemi con Netflix fino a ieri. E non credo ci sia stato un aggiornamento ieri.

Foto aggiunta
Sorry but SCREEN2AUTO still works for you today? you can tell the technologies you have. thank you

Scusa ma oggi ti funziona ancora SCREEN2AUTO ? puoi dire le tecnologie che hai. grazie
Scusa ma SCREEN2AUTO ti funziona ancora oggi? puoi dire le tecnologie che hai. grazie
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Senior Member
Jan 21, 2011
The auto screen or netflix black is a problem of firmware not related to the roms. There is a fix which made it up for me in the screen2auto forum where you got to install a magisk module and write something in buid prop
Now I can fully enjoy ... CHEERS


Dec 22, 2019
Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite
il magisk

Si aggiunge il modulo allegato MAGISK. Quindi root explorer system build prop l'ordine allegato è sufficiente riavviare 5he il telefono the
SALUTIView attachment 5341967
Hi everyone, I've been using Screen2auto for some time with my rooted phone, but from today android auto (6.5.612134) won't let me open the program in the car. What happened?! Will this Magisk module (liboemcryptor disabler), which you just described, solve my problem too? A black screen is displayed when I start Screen2Auto ....
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    BetterBatteryStats is showing S2A using the accelerometer at all times, even when the app isn't actively being used. Taking a battery hit for this. Any suggestions on how to mitigate this?
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    Found a temp solution: uninstall Google Play service & Not Auto update
    Then Screen2Auto & others app work
    Including Netflix? What version of AA and s2a?
    How is the double shortcut/ splitscreen working?
    Does one have to activate the option multi screen in the aaio phenotype patcher too, to make it work?

    Will it work even in the new android auto which already has a primary (taking 2/3 of the screen) and a secondary (taking 1/3 of the screen) screen?
    BetterBatteryStats is showing S2A using the accelerometer at all times, even when the app isn't actively being used. Taking a battery hit for this. Any suggestions on how to mitigate this?
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    Smartphone screen on Anddroid Auto HU car screen
    For root devices only!




    Application features:
    - The main reason for creating this application is working with Android 9 Pie
    1. Сompletely new application combining AAMirror & AAStream features.
    2. Additional functions: clock, dimming, selection of resolutions, etc.
    3. Ability to choose the automatic launch of any application at A2M startup.
    4. Floating button to control the application from the HU screen.
    5. Ability to reset if incorrect output and resolution distortion.
    6. Many other chips...

    Installation and setup:
    1. Download and Install Screen2Auto
    2. Enable developper settings in Android Auto and enable Unkown sources in developper settings.
    1. Launch on the Android Auto mobile device
    2. Open the menu, tap the tab "About Android Auto"
    3. In the menu that opens, tap on the gear (settings). Then we crawl to the very bottom of the menu that opens: "Version 4.5. *** - release".
    4. 10 times tap on the display of the version of Android Auto, a window will appear where we must agree with what we are doing. Click "Yes."
    5. Go to the menu (tap "three points") and select the tab "For Developers" that appears in the menu
    6. In the last line, put a checkmark "Unknown sources" or use other settings of the developer's menu.
    3. Use the AA AIO TWEAKER from @shmykelsa for activation third-party applications.
    4. Launch the application and perform the initial setup of permission recovery. Click on the button and save them.
    5. Make the necessary settings as desired.
    If, after turning off the smartphone or exiting AA (turned off the car, closed the emulator, removed the USB), the resolution of the smartphone did not return to its original state (the recovery settings, failure, smartphone features, etc. were set incorrectly, etc.), you need go to Settings → Reset settings and select the WM SIZE RESET option. Resolution will be restored to factory.

    Don't forget to use the button (if you want course):

    Warning! New version of the application released!
    Thanks to everyone who offered delicious coffee!
    All of this thanks to all caring people.

    You can download and install S2A on devices without root using the new application
    Android Auto Apps Downloader (AAAD)
    However, I still recommend using C2A on rooted devices.

    What's new

    • Bug fixes

    • Adapted for Non Root devices
    • Notification when pause (for automation).
    • Bug fixes
    • Languages update

    • Added persistent quick launch bar
    • Added a pause S2A. If need to use the phone (so as not to disconnect)
    • Fixed bug with floating button
    • Fixed bug with choosing launcher button and background
    • Minor fixes

    • Added the ability to change the icon of the floating button
    • Added autostart mapcam.info
    • Added starting Tasker task after completion
    • Minor fixes

    • Fixed jambs
    • Added Support for Screen2Echo*
    • *Screen2Echo - application idesigned to link two phones. An application for those who do not want to get root on their main phone, and the second one is always in the car . Screen2Auto and S2Echo communicate via WiFi Hotspot.
    • Added Function to enable Hotspot at phone startup

    • Bug fixes
    • Switch "Do not restore" in the settings
    • Fixes for some jambs version 3.2

    • Bug fixes
    • Fix launch on Android 5&6
    • Fix Netflix (be sure to enable accessibility)
    • Adjustment of language packs
    • Added new translations

    • Application optimization
    • Made initial setting (Wizard settings)
    • Updated language files. (Thanks for the translations)
    • Added driving safety warning












    Well, as usual, I will be glad your coffee
    Download: ↓↓↓
    A new version 3.4.6 has been released

    • Added persistent quick launch bar
    • Added a pause S2A. If need to use the phone (so as not to disconnect)
    • Fixed bug with floating button
    • Fixed bug with choosing launcher button and background
    • Minor fixes
    Screen2Auto upgrade to v2.8!
    • Work optimization
    • (Delete) Removed the speedometer.
    • (Add) Added switch to enable / disable the function of forced application termination
    • (Add) Added to the launcher the HOME and WORK buttons from the Yandex navigator.
    • (Add) Added Polish language (thanks wal24)
    • (Add) Launching scree2auto task from Tasker
    • (Fix) Fixed launch from the application menu
    Warning! New version of the Screen2Auto v2.2 released!

    -Completely rewritten application code.
    -Changed the interface and settings menu.
    -Quick panel replaced by launcher.
    -Increased download and work speed.
    -Implemented launch of two applications at once (Split screens) by creating double shortcuts in Launcher.
    -Return AAUnlock to the application (phenotype patcher is not needed).
    -Alphabetically sorting applications in menu.
    -Screen orientation issues fixed.
    -Checking the new application version.
    -Other minor fixes

    Don't upgrade to Android Auto 6.0.6153! There are problems with the work of third-party applications! No solution yet!

    Solution found :)