How To Guide [SCRIPT][FLASHABLE] Encryption disablers for Redmi Note 10 Pro (MIUI vendor, OSS vendor) [SWEET]

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Feb 18, 2016
installed orange fox via fastboot
then copy orangefox .zip and installed it via recovery
format data / yes
reboot to recovery
copy all the following files then flashed without any reboot :
miui 13.0.3 SKFEUXM vendor
miui 13.0.8 firmware
Pixel experience 12.1
magisk 23
reboot to system

fully working :D now i'm able to install ANX Cam 185 on PE12.1 which is TBH the best rom after i tried them all

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    So, here is a little script, which I modified to work on Redmi Note 10 Pro (tested and working on sweet). I didn't create this, only modified it, so all credits goes to ghostrider_reborn.
    found another working encryption disabler (, working out of the box, so no edit by me, main difference is better error handling - all credits goes to [email protected]
    just to have all bases covered, and all info on one place, I attached encryption disabler script for OSS vendor based ROMs, originally created for POCO X3 NFC, but working as well on sweet, created by ghostrider_reborn, so all credits belongs to him...

    DISCLAIMER: You know the drill - You are responsible for your own actions - if you choose to use this script on your phone - I am not responsible for any damage that may occurs while (or after) using this script - it works on my device, but I can't guarantee it will work on yours. Also removing encryption off your /data partition may have unforeseen consequences - for you, your data, your phone - this is a serious modifications of your phone - do it only if you know what you are doing - AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    : unlocked bootloader, flashed custom recovery (OFOX, TWRP), flashed prebuilt MIUI vendor or OSS vendor

    Installation: flash attached file in custom recovery

    First use:
    - flash attached file in custom recovery as the last thing before you reboot recovery (for example flash custom ROM, flash GAPPS, MAGISK and then as the last thing this script)
    - mandatory! - do a FORMAT DATA confirmed by YES - this is one time only and needed to remove encryption from internal storage (/data partition) - WARNING! - FORMAT DATA will destroy all content on your internal storage - do a backup before you do so!

    - flash attached file in custom recovery as the last thing before you reboot recovery EVERY time you flashed a new custom ROM, flashed OTA of your installed custom ROM...
    - - if you forget to do that, on the next boot to system your internal storage WILL BE ENCRYPTED!

    Tested on:
    Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet) + custom ROMs

    Not tested/supported :
    MIUI itself

    Credits: ghostrider_reborn ghostrider_reborn [email protected]


    ˅˅˅ Important: for OSS vendor based ROMs use ˅˅˅
    added another working encryption disabler script - this time for OSS vendor based ROMs (tested and working on sweet), check the OP
    I'm going to flash Arrow OS(OSS) + and going to switch Dot(Miui) So while flashing arrow flash and when flashing miui based Rom then flash nah ???
    OSS vendor -> flash
    MIUI vendor -> flash
    MIUi stock indonesian is not SUPPORTED ?
    MIUI in general not supported
    Can somebody confirm this script working?
    i tried everything on the world but no suc6
    format data x times not working
    But i am tired to complete install a rom and all other stuff again and again
    You can check attached screenshots in OP, there you can see status of my phone - NOT ENCRYPTED. I achieve that by flashing the attached script and FORMAT DATA confirmed by YES. So yes, this script works, at least on my phone did...