[Script] For Stock ROMS! Enable AutoStart Scripts! (etc/init.d folder) w/o VR Patch!

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Jun 5, 2007
Hi there. It's amazing how few gscripts exist for the Droid and Milestone.

I've been hunting all over for a simple script to hold my CPU to 600 (using an 800 kernel) and have it apply at boot up and there is nothing to be found out there.

Steve Stiffler

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Jul 1, 2010
I tried the gscript method m getting an error when I try to load it say's

Error while looking for scripts in /sdcard/gscript/ java.lang.NullPointerException

What do I do??
Ya also I extracted the script files in a folder named gscript so the address is sdcard\gscript

It won't read the files please help.. :(

Steve Stiffler

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Jul 1, 2010
I did that thing is that I don't feel any change the phone is still sloppy..?? The menu keeps loading times and again.. Did I do it wrong ?? (I just ran the script as root as instructed I didn't get any thing to input as other tutorial showed that you could select one of the type from the menu)

Steve Stiffler

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Jul 1, 2010
I ran V6supercharge script the .. :-o atleast the name n the downloaded file said so ;) :p I am running on stock ROM if that helps..


Mar 13, 2010
Seattleish, WA

If it helps, I'm also having trouble running the Autostart script on an original Droid running PeteA's GPA15. Busybox (v1.19) is reporting "can't stat" for /system/bin/mot_boot_mode. This may be the core of what Steve is seeing.


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Aug 15, 2010
If I am running the stock rom on a droid x do I need to run the enable autostart scripts or does it do it on its own?

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    I'm not sure on which phones this will work.
    Motorola Milestone is for certain. Probably other Motorolas as well.
    If you have the file /system/bin/mot_boot_mode, then this should work just fine.

    Edit: Works on DroidX, Atrix, Bionic, Defy... (I guess it really does have a chance of working if you have mot_boot_mode :)

    Do this at your own risk

    What you need:

    1. GScript Lite or Script Manager
    2. Rooted Phone. For Milestoners, you can use Universal Androot (not in market ?)
    3. Busybox Installer

    You don't need to have a vulnerable recovery applied.

    Why you want it: People on custom roms take it for granted that they can run custom scripts from the /system/etc/init.d folder.

    Overclocking, tweaking memory settings, kernel tweaks, etc.

    Those on Stock ROMS usually have to resort to 3rd party apps (eg. Milestone Overclock, Auto Memory Manager) that take up memory to do stuff that custom roms do automatically and easily - with boot up scripts.

    It's possible for Stock ROMS to get this ability via open recovery but most users may find it overwhelming and confusing as to where to even start.

    I have also been working on GScripts to get my SuperCharging / Bulletproof Launcher tweaks to work on all phones without need of 3rd party software.
    I found that the easiest way would be with a startup script placed in the /system/etc/init.d - the same way that custom roms do it.

    Since alot of users would be uncomfortable with getting it working via open recovery, I converted the open recovery script to work in GScript!


    Instructions: 1. Extract the attached zip file into the root of your sdcard. The files should then be inside the folder /sdcard/gscript
    ................... 2. Run GScript Lite
    ................... 3. Press menu > Add script > Load file button
    ................... 4. Select "!Autostarts - Enable init.d on Stock ROMS.sh"
    ................... 5. Leave "Needs SU?" checked and press the Save button.
    ................... 6. It now shows up in the list of GScripts.
    ................... Note: GScript will save it internally within it's settings.
    ................... 7. Run the script by simply selecting it in GScript... and...
    ................... 8. Get tweaking!

    All thanks go to those who put Androidian OpenRecovery together! ie. Skrilax_CZ, Azhad and 89luca89!!

    For charging it, use the wall charger.
    Does anything happen if you take the battery out and plug it in?
    Normally, you would get a big battery icon with a question mark.
    Then put the battery in and it changes to whatever the battery level is.
    If you don't have much battery left, you're not gonna get too far.
    It'll just keep draining more n more.

    Howabout a car charger to charge it in the meantime?
    ah ok.
    Hopefully it won't take too long to get it back