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Jun 5, 2011
Strumica, Macedonia
Here is another guide on how to use Rom Cleaner to remove Android bloatware. Without doubt the best Bloatware remover
And we are back after commercial!
Only one big difference, Rom Cleaner is one full automatic cleaner and nobloat is application where you do everything manually...
Application is not bad but not showing all of applications, can be better.

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Feb 2, 2014
Sorry for the delay, my notebook is dead and script is about 80% or 90% finished.
I'll post now changes what i have made until now.

P.S. This version is for Sense 7

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Sorry for the question, but I'm a little confused. Is this the file I've to download if I want to clean a Sense 7 Rom like LeeDroid 7.4.1?


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Feb 19, 2010
Any experience in using RC on Android N?
I'm pretty sure it won't work without lots of modifications in both scripts and *_user.txt

On the other hand, you could always flash it and see if there's any errors on the welcome screen.
But if you do give it a try, and get into trouble I might not be able to help you at all. I'm running stock without root now days ?

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    • All Scripts in a unique AROMA Installer
    • ROM Cleaner - Will remove as much as possible without breaking HTC Sense Launcher and Widgets! This is the best way to come close to a no-sense ROM and still use HTC Sense!
    • ROM Cleaner NO-Sense - Will remove pretty much everything and replace HTC Sense launcher
      with APEX, NOVA, or custom launcher from sdcard it's all up to you!
    • ROM Cleaner CM-AOSP - Will let you to remove what's possible to remove from a already slimmed ROM and you will get the option to install a secondary launcher.
    • Fully compatible with Sense 6.0, GE, CM, AOSP & AOKP ROMs ODEXED or DEODEXED
    • ROMCleaner app-list in a user friendly format
    • Backup Tool will make your flashing like "a walk in the park"
    • Follow our "Quick Guide" in the AROMA Installer under "How-to-use" and you will know when and how to run the scripts
    • For more details read the guide in third post
    ROM Cleaner Featured On XDA!!! Twice!

    Also read these nice articles!
    XDA Front Page!
    XDA Front Page!
    Evil-Dragon's Blog!
    The Gadgeteer!


    Why ROM Cleaner48.png

    • very nice, simple and fast way to delete stuff from your device
    • takes less then 5 seconds to delete all the listed applications and files in the list
    • no trash left behind as it would be if you delete files manually using Root Explorer
    • more free RAM for apps that you are actually using
    • users have reported better battery life and device speed improvements with ROM Cleaner
    If you find this tool good, great, awesome or maybe even the best thing you ever tried,
    then please feel free to send us a beer, hit the "Thanks Button", leave some feedback and subscribe to this thread ;)



    - If you get some kind of issue after flashing ROM Cleaner, re-flash the ROM and check if the issue still exists.
    - Don't spam ROM development threads about issues caused by this script.
    - Always report problems in this thread and we will most likely help you as fast as we can.
    - Please always respect our work and be friendly and helpful to other members in this thread.

    How to report a problem:

    - Flash ROMCleaner_vX.X.zip in recovery
    - In main menu and press "Log Collection".
    - When done, reboot the device from "Advanced Power Menu".
    - In "/sdcard/ROMCleaner or /storage/ext_sd/ROMCleaner" you will find RC_LogCollection.*.tar. Please upload this file together with a description of your problem.
    With this log we can in - most cases - solve your problem within minutes!

    If you ignore this simple instruction, you will most likely get no help from us!


    Please feel free to use our banner made by craacK




    Thanks a lot for all donations :D

    MarckX x2 | Tomi Mykrä x2 | craacK x1 | Anthony Hogan x1 | Pietrorlando Giordano x1 | Mastacheata x1
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    MarckX for all the help with development and testing
    Dude360 who made a great work building this tool with me.
    craacK for all the help with the development and graphics
    Madmaxx82 for his script skills and help making this one fly ;)
    amarullz for the AROMA Installer
    And of course to everyone who supports our work.
    Guide & Info

    Guide For ROM Cleaner and Additional Tools!
    We did make an effort to make it as clear as possible on each AROMA screen. However it's always nice to know what the scripts do and when to use them...

    So let's start!

    Main Menu
    In our main menu you will find:

    * Backup Tool
    * ROM Cleaner
    --- ROM Cleaner (Sense)
    --- ROM Cleaner (NO-Sense)
    --- ROM Cleaner (CM-AOSP)
    --- Skip cleaning step
    * Additional Scripts
    --- Settings Restorer
    --- Setup Wizard Remover
    --- Apps & Mods Installer
    --- Run all scripts in one GO!
    * Logs collection
    * Advanced Power Menu

    Backup Tool

    Will backup:

    -*- Applications (Not app data)
    -*- Accounts (Settings - Accounts)
    -*- Bluetooth pairings
    -*- HTC Sense launcher settings (and 3rd party widgets)
    -*- HTC Mail accounts (including Inbox)
    -*- WiFi keys

    Important Note: Use this before flashing a new ROM flash with full wipe

    How to apply:

    --- Open ROM Cleaner AROMA and press "Backup Tool"
    --- When done, press "Power Menu" and "Exit" .... or whatever you want...

    ROM Cleaner
    Flashing procedure for pure ROM Cleaner users!

    -*- Flash a ROM with full wipe
    -*- Start ROM Cleaner AROMA and pick "ROM Cleaner"
    -*- Pick "Sense", "NO-Sense" or "CM-AOSP" script, press Next
    -*- "NO-Sense" users will get a launcher menu and the option to use HTC lockscreen or AOSP lockscreen
    -*- "CM-AOSP" users will get a launcher menu
    -*- Next menu is optional (should be pretty clear)
    -*- Press Next again and wait until ROM Cleaner is done
    -*- Press Reboot and use your phone like normal

    Skip cleaning step

    If you use this option, nothing will be removed and you will still be able to restore your apps.

    Additional Scripts
    Important Note: Use this menu only after a full boot!

    * Settings Restorer > This script will restore data already saved with Backup Tool
    * HTC Setup Wizard Remover > This script will remove the HTC Setup Wizard. IT's pointless to have once your phone is set up
    * Apps & Mods Installer > This is a batch install script. Apps, mods, files in /sdcard/ROMCleaner/SecondBoot will be installed when you use this script
    * Run All scripts in one GO! > This is a batch install for all scripts in this menu

    Logs Collection

    Use this option when we request logs from you.

    This script will collect all needed logs + "*user.txt" and create "RC_LogCollector.tar" in ROMCleaner folder. Upload this file and send it to us on XDA or IRC.

    Advanced Power Menu

    In this menu you will find the following options:

    * Reboot your device
    * Exit to Recovery
    * Reboot to Bootloader
    * Enable Mobile Network

    How To Edit Your Personal User.txt
    Steps you need to do:

    --- Windows users, download Notepad++ and install it.
    --- Download "ROMCleaner_user.txt" or "NO-Sense_user.txt" from the firstpost
    --- Open the text file with Notepad++

    In the text file you will find two columns with app names and a description in this guide we use AdobeReader.apk as an example.

    To Remove a file with ROMCleaner
    AdobeReader.apk         Adobe Reader PDF reader
    In the case above "AdobeReader.apk" will be removed.

    To keep a file with ROMCleaner
    If you decide to keep it, add a "#" at the beginning of the line:
    [COLOR=red]#[/COLOR]AdobeReader.apk         Adobe Reader PDF reader
    Let's say we are done with the edits. To continue just complete next list:

    --- Press the "X" in the upper right corner of the screen to save the changes.
    --- Copy the file onto your sdcard. The file must be located in "/sdcard/ROMCleaner" folder.

    Now ROM Cleaner script will always read that file!
    Yes? Good because this is and should be easy ;)











    ROM Cleaner v1.0




    >Follow instructions in third post how to edit this to fit your demands...

    Also make sure to use Notepad++ when editing ROMCleaner_user.txt in Windows.

    Requirements: CWM Based Recovery or TWRP Recovery


    [COLOR=royalblue][B]ROM Cleaner v1.0 - 2014-04-16[/B][/COLOR]
       -[B]Initial release of ROM Cleaner for HTC One m8[/B]
    Regarding download links, Whiskey103 will temporarily fix all links and they will stay up for a week or so.

    After that everything will be taken down and so will the thread. (No links = no need to keep the thread open)

    Thanks a lot for all the support!
    New ROM Cleaner_user.txt based on last ARHD 34,0 ROM, it must to work with all other ROM's based on latest firmware 4.16.401.10

    Edit: Little changes, now is script much better and remove a lot of a bloatware
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