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I'm running the November update and Nova Launcher..I don't remember of this scrolling issue since I updated to the last build.
What is annoying me is the back swipe (most of times it vibrates 2 times I don't know why) and the double tap on the back to activate the flashlight, It's not working. Waiting for many fixes..
Double tap is much more sensitive now, even with a case. It was driving me crazy having to tap a couple of times to activate with a case on


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Sep 13, 2010
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Scrolling is smoother, though not perfect after the update. Interesting observation, if I scroll with my pointer finger, scrolling is extremely fast and smooth. If I scroll with my thumb, it's a bit slower. Either way, it's an improvement.
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May 7, 2011
Mine is perfectly fine in last two releases. (Bought in November)

Hopefully no issue as well in the future.

But, maybe because i used this phone along with Aquos R6 that have pseudo 240Hz screen (it insert blank frame in between the 120Hz frame), sometimes i still fell that the pixel is slower/choppier when scrolling / swiping, LoL.

Need to admit, those sharp IGZO screen is quite crazy

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    reports on reddit that qpr2 beta1 fixed the scrolling issue. anyone?
    The January update fixed most of my scrolling issues. I was getting really frustrated with it, so Im happy it helped.
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    Coming from a Pixel 6 Pro, scrolling definitely feels weird. I don't like it.
    there is new idea of workaround with sticky scrolling and it looks like working for many peoples:

    if you are rooted and you can get su in terminal emulator on phone and write:

    settings put secure long_press_timeout 401

    and if you want if it applied correctly u can write in terminal

    settings get secure long_press_timeout

    reply is it working for you. For me it seems better
    having done some more testing side by side with the 6 pro, the 7 pro scrolling in general is way way less smooth and consistent. it's a jerky mess. what appears to be to all intents and purposes the same level of flick, can produce wildly different results. it's pretty ludicrous. it's a shame because I had pretty much decided to keep the 7. but this scrolling makes the whole experience using the phone much less pleasant.
    I'm experiencing the same issue. I've tried different combos (FHD + Screen Protector On, QHD + Off etc etc)... none of them seems to work flawlessly. I've only started 'playing around' with the device for 2 days now and that was one of the first things I noticed.

    I am still using my Oneplus 7T Pro as my daily, so I switch back and forth the devices, and the difference is stark.

    There is no doubt the scrolling experience is different from those two devices.
    Apparently it's a known issue.

    I'm still returning the phone, battery life is terrible. Around 1hr of SOT and I have 68%. I'll probably go with the 14 pro max. I love the software of the pixel, but the hardware leaves a lot to be desired.
    Yeah, I came from a 13 pro max and the scrolling was flawless. I feel like I have to keep my finger on the screen to finish a swipe on the pixel, it's pretty annoying.