Scrubber GCam portrait mode working both on the front and back camera of x4

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Feb 6, 2016


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Dec 11, 2011
The latest reccommended apk works well with Orero but I've not seen that much difference using the out of the box settings compared to the original camera. Maybe there's slightly more detail in the highlights and the shadows but sometimes the image has a weird hue in the shadows for some reason. I can see the benefits of the stabilization in video mode but other than that doesen't make much better photos than the stock camera app to me


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Apr 19, 2011
Been using a lot over the last week, thanks a ton for the heads up. Which dev/tag should I be following on the site listed in the OP for updates to it? There are TONS on there and while this one works perfectly (solves the miserable stock camera app shutter latency problem) I'd like to be as current as possible.

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    This app is released by developer Scrubber 4pda.
    The app is quite stable no force stop faced by me yet.
    Portrait mode working on both front and back camera (I tested on the regular x4 running oreo)

    Credit: Scrubber
    Works well for me too. Can you share your settings in more details, there are quite a lot of them and if you have tried to get an optimal combination already it would be appreciated.

    The camera config one is a major one. This setting affects the way the application interfaces with your phone's hardware.

    If you use Nexus 6p config, for example, you'll get more moderate shutter speeds compared to Pixel 2 XL, at both ends of the spectrum.

    In other words, if you want your shutter to run with the fastest or slowest speeds (determined by lighting conditions by default), you should select Pixel 2XL.

    If you shoot in pitch black, which I did to test the 'purple tint' noise issue, you'll see that the Nexus 6p config shutter speed will only drop to about 1/10 on the Moto X4. That allows for less amplification effects, which reduces the 'purple tint', but also affects the dynamic range and data collected at the sensor.

    If you shoot with the Pixel 2XL config, you'll notice the slowest speed the shutter auto-generates is 1/6, compared to the 1/10 of the Nexus 6p. Thats even slower, and you'll likely see more 'purple tint' in low light scenarios due to more data (probably too much at that speed) hitting the sensor and seemingly overloading the pixels with bad data, in a sense. That along with the amplification of the data collected is what has the biggest effect on purple tint with the Moto X4.

    You'll notice the opposite effect if you test in bright light. The Pixel 2XL config lets the shutter reach faster speeds, compared to the Nexus 6p config, for example, which won't snap the shutter as fast.

    Overall, it's mostly acceptable with HDR+ Enhanced on, which is the only mode you'll get a 'purple tint', if at all.

    During daylight, outdoors, there's very little shutter lag, even with HDR+ Enhanced, by the way. The lower the light levels, the longer the HDR+ processing takes.

    From the beginning:

    Camera config: 2017 ZSL HDR+
    Model: Pixel 2XL
    HDR Parameters: Super High


    HDR+ Control: ON (for access to HDR+ Enhanced mode
    USE ZSL / Remove Pinkish/Reddish : ON, ON

    Developer Settings:

    camera.use_photos: ON
    camera.diet_burst: ON
    camcorder.fastswitch: ON
    camera:gcam_enabled: ON
    cameraprogress_overlay: ON
    camera.enable_pd: ON
    camera.enable_pd_blur: ON
    camera.enable_hwhdr: ON
    camera.enable_vesper: ON
    camera.gouda.front: ON
    camera.gouda_sec_img: ON
    camera.p3: ON
    camera.raisr: ON

    Any developer flag not mentioned is left OFF. I only included a combination of the ones I found give the best effect and function; they're the only ones enabled.
    ... quick comparison in low light to show the difference between the unusable stock Moto X4 camera, and the Google camera port I linked above.

    Both point and shoot; no adjustments, no tap on screen to focus or set exposure. Just opened camera and took a snap.
    Works well for me too. Can you share your settings in more details, there are quite a lot of them and if you have tried to get an optimal combination already it would be appreciated.

    Hi surroundedbydrones,

    I have a Moto X4 without root.
    Which is the best Google Cam apk for the X4 of Celso Azevedo's blog? Scrubber ?. Arnova?
    Which one has got best performance?
    I like to use the camera and take a photo in automatic mode, without making many settings.

    It depends, my phone isn't rooted either. Best performance I would say is still the one I linked above.

    Set it up with the settings as I posted, it only takes a minute or two. After that, you'll be able to point and shoot without worrying about focus and exposure just fine.

    All of the ported cameras require some kind of setup when first installed. The version I posted here is the most stable and consistent for our phone, from my testing, and gives the best final image results, overall. But that's just my opinion, and others may have a different preference.

    Again, the version I use:

    edited to add: In daylight, especially outdoors, you can use the camera even with HDR+ Enhanced and there's no shutter lag. You snap a picture, and done.

    And I use mine with HDR+ on Super High, only in very low light is there any delay in processing.
    Best one for me has been [] by quite a margin.

    Portrait and ZSL work for both front and back, and only HDR+ Enhanced causes a delay due to processing.

    It would be nice to see the developer settings and configuration options in this version included in the updated builds - if possible; particularly the BSG mod settings as included in the above version. @Arnova8G2

    I use 2017 ZSL HDR+ / Pixel 2XL options and several developer flags for best effect, the combination of which isn't possible in later builds due to missing settings.