SD-Card isn't supported and can't be formatted on Nougat.

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dohn joe

Jun 3, 2017
I got this problem after try several N custom roms, but never faced this before. I've tried to format the sd-card from device as portable storage but it's stuck at 20% then appears error notice (as seen on the pict. no.1), so does with "format as internal storage" with longer time (picture no.2).
Tried back to my stock rom (Kitkat) but my sd-card still not supported.

As a note, my sd-card reads fine on pc and other device as fat32. Some other sd-card works fine on my device and the other same as mine, unssuported.
I've tried many way such mini partition tools, etc.
My sd-card is unmounted/unreadable by Aparted nor TWRP.

Wish someone knows the meaning of the error toast notif at the attachment and could help me.
Cheers :')


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