Question SD Native call recording & CSC (without rooting)

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Nov 2, 2014
Hi again,

Well.... right after i posted that it didn't work i tried again and this time it worked!

1. did 'ADB devices'
2. started the tool, filled in SEK and pressed the "Change CSC" which gave 2 'fails' and 2 'ok'.
3. disconnected the device and reboot. CSC was changed and recording works!

Tried to go back to EUX in the same. Worked without any problems!

Bye Samkey! :)
With the first step what do you mean?reboot via samfw?
i changed the csc to SEK but recording doesnt start and it is greyd while i am talking.I tried the steps to change the csc 2 times but it didnt help.

now i have sek/sek,sek/eux/cos
Question. I have EUX Exynos, when I move to SEK I will get OTA, call recording but I will not have call id. The csc which provide me call recording and call id is INS. I will lose OTA when moving there (according to video). But what happens if I move back to EUX? Will I regain OTA?


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Jan 5, 2013
The OTA update works fine for me. Even with the previous version, I switched from EUX to SEK and yesterday I updated my device OTA.

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    Hello, I've the similar situation, I want to change to INS. Just wanted to know if OTA updates would work fine after this, if I change using SamFW? Thanks
    INS CSC, depends of EXACT model (last letter):
    SM-S90*E - yes, OTA works
    SM-S90*B - no, OTA not works, but manual works via ODIN with any B firwaware (EUX for example)
    not possible for other models SM-S90*U, SM-S90*U1, SM-S90*N, SM-S90*0 - can not be changes

    SM-S90*B - yes, OTA works
    not possible for other SM-S90* models

    SamFW yes free
    Samkey yes paid
    I change CSC only to have call recording!! I need to press button REC every call or I can set automatic auto record?
    In the phone application settings you can activate automatic recording for all phone calls.
    I want to ask if it works the other way around if I want to go back and change the CSC from SEK to EUX ?
    Yes, it works. I already tried it. First EUX to SEK, then SEK to EUX, and now SEK csc.
    I have a factory EUX and changed to SEK. It should work normally OTA for me, but Ukrainian, right?
    Yes , you have OTA Ukraine update. Usually, you have it just a few days after EUX update
    Really true????? Nobody said it's only for Pixels phones!!!!!!! I immediatly change the CSC!!!!
    Oh, yes !! No beep , no messages!! You just have it to auto recording - if you like it- (through phone settings) and you never have to worry about!
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    For SM-S908E (SnapDragon):
    XID is SingleCSC and do not exist in MultiCSC, so can not be changed/switched by Samkey.
    The only option to change CSC to XID is flashing with ODIN. If flash with files: BL_, AP_, CP_ and HOME_CSC_ - it will not reset (with CSC_ instead of HOME_CSC_ phone will be factory reset)
    - have call record,
    - do not have Samsung Pay (it have SPay but it is an Infonesian custom version with their local banks only, can not be changed with international SPay)
    - do not have internal spam, but can be used Hiya app (from PlayStore for any CSC)

    These CSC are from MultyCSC - all CSC are inside the firmware - and can be switched/chaged via Samkey at the moment (methods with local SIM, modded theme, Dialer code are fixed and not work long time ago, combination firmware works but no available files for current bootloaders)

    INS (India) have call record, SPay and and spam
    XXV (Vietnam) have call record, SPay, no int.spam but Hiya work
    THL have call record, spam, but SPay discontinued last year
    ILO have call record, other not sure (less updated, not every month, Jewish extra security)

    All CSC installs have specific bloatware apps (some can not be uninstalled but can be disabled via PC with adb or some package disabler via phpne)

    INS is better choice for E model.


    For SM-S908B (Exynos):
    Only SEK (Ukraine) via Samkey have Call recording, no SPay, no spam, but Hiya works


    For SM-S908 U, U1, W, N, 0 (SnapDragon):
    No know/available CSCs with call recording

    Using Samkey to chage CSC to one that not exist inside the exact same (U, U1, W, N, or 0) region of MultiCSC - do nothing, just lose one Samkey credit and CSC stays same.

    Flashing U, U1, W, N, 0 device via ODIN with E firmware is NOT possible because different models (even all are SnapDragon CPUs).
    At the moment call recoring:
    S22 (SM-S901x), S22+ (SM-G906x) and S22 Ultra (SM-G908x)
    * is model 1, 6 or 8
    x is region (the region have several CSCs)

    SM-S90*B (europe) - Exynos - via Samkey (paid) to SEK, INS
    SM-S90*E (asia) - Snapdragon - via Samkey (paid) to XXV, THL, ILO (or via ODIN (free) flash to XID)
    SM-S90*U (us) - Snapdragon - no CSC with call recording
    SM-S90*U1 (us) - Snapdragon - no CSC with call recording
    SM-S90*W (canada) - Snapdragon - no CSC with call recording
    SM-S90*N (china) - Snapdragon - no CSC with call recording
    SM-S90*0 (korea) - Snapdragon - no CSC with call recording
    They write on the web that it is not supported, but it is not true. I risked it and it works! So S22u is my daily from today.

    1. Turn on the developer mod
    2. Enable usb debugging
    3. buy credit on samkey (on the web or ebay)
    4. Install SamKEY CodeReader
    5. connect the phone to the PC
    6. turn on samKEY, log in and change CSC.


    This operation didn't seem to reset my phone. But I can't guarantee it.

    screenshot of my CSC version:



    I would also like to recommend the "AutoSync" application, which automatically uploads all your recorded calls to Dropbox. It all works on the S22u.
    Thanks for your informative reply.

    So for me, my best option is to get Samkey credit and just do the simple Samkey procedure to change my CSC to INS (INDIA) ? Right?

    Do you or anyone know if INS (INDIA) CSC would caused any feature to be unusable? Like Google Pay? Samsung Health with Samsung Watch? And will INS CSC have bloatware apps? Like?

    And last noob question from me, does changing your phone CSC affect your phone BANDS / Frequency ?
    I am using INS (Not changed CSC but I am living in India)
    No carrier bloatware except one My Galaxy. All features like GPay,SPay,S Health,Spam Call, Call Recording are working fine
    My personal opinion about CSC changing
    1.For Non Rooted device - Go with SamKey
    2.For rooted users - Instead of changing CSC just modify your own CSC file and get desired features. OR use a ROM with preactivated features
    Wheeej, successfully changed to "SEK" on "EUX" and call recording is here!