/sdcard and /storage/sdcard0 symlinks being broken at boot.

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Dec 17, 2015
Hi I am a newbie here and I hope I posted on the correct forum.

I am having a problem with my Spreadtrum SC7731 phone. It's internal storage symlink which is /sdcard /storage/sdcard0 is being broken at boot(I think). This started when I flashed supersu through twrp to root the phone. This happens after booting and then a notification will pop up and say "SD card removed, please insert a new one". After that prompt, Apps will then lose access to the Internal Storage and when you check the /storage directory, there is a sdcard0 folder inside it but it is not linked to /storage/emulated/0 which makes this directory virtually useless. I have figured out a work around myself by deleting the directories created at boot and recreating the symlinks with a small script I created:
rm -R /sdcard
rm -R /storage/sdcard0
ln -s /storage/emulated/0 /sdcard
ln -s /storage/emulated/0 /storage/sdcard0

after running this script, apps will have access to the internal storage and the /sdcard in the root directory is again accessible. But sometimes, it will lose its symlinks again so I have to run the script if it happens.

Again this happens after booting, then a notification will appear that the sdcard has been removed. after that happens, I checked the symlinks and its broken.

I don't really know what is the root cause but the work around is quite a hassle for me. I am looking for like a permanent solution to fix this. I don't have an External SD Card and I am not planning on buying one since the Internal Storage is Enough for me as I do not game on this phone.