SecSetupWizard stopped - 4.1.2 for ace 2 - i8160

amro habib

Senior Member
Oct 24, 2011
Good afternoon. I need help, URGENT!

What happens, that recently got an ACE 2 I8160 Advantage and how it was decided to perform the ROM 2.3.6 update to the ROM with CSC latest 4.1.2.

Update to restart the first time (when you enter the recovery mode to format the cell) appeared the following error message:

Restarted manually and when you perform the initial settings of the Samsung, I get an alert with the following error:

The process has stopped

Clicking Ok and proceed with the setup, but once you get to the last step I get the following error:

The SecSetupWizard stopped.

I click OK again, but this time returns the option to choose the language, making it impossible to access the cell.

Performed the downgrade to 2.3.6 it starts, it works normally, have the IMEI BACKUP, but I can not restore, need a form, a script to format the phone completely, even if you delete the IMEI.

Nor is it possible to install any CUSTOM ROM. Only this version that comes with the file. PIT, CSC and CODE.

Does anyone have a light, guidance?!

I look back.