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Seen Outbreak! Zombie Apocalypse app? My ideas for it

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Senior Member
Apr 13, 2010
Salt Lake City, Utah
If you haven't already check it out on the market. Those of you who do know what this app is, it could become a great success, perhaps as big as Foursquare if it's developed right. This is a discussion.

I I have a few great ideas that could really help the app, I emailed the Dev, but here are my ideas:

First, We need a concept for local small businesses to get involved. Like a local small business can sign up to be a hut for zombies or shelter for survivers, and they get something to print to put in their window--this can easily be implemented and will draw more attraction to the app.

Second, app needs checking in capabilities with a way to post on Facebook where you are at and if you are infected. This will encourage Facebook people who don't have the app to check it out, and those who do have the app will benefit because they will see you checked in somewhere do they will go over and try to attack/infect you.

Third, there needs to be some CPU players or computers for the time being--they should occasionally move around too, since the game isn't well adapted yet and not a lot of people have it.

Finally, the app needs push notifications via Google's cloud to device messaging (C2DM), and a widget so one can see newest info and if they are close to someone. Make the widget refresh time a fixed value of off or like 2 hours (obviously to force the user to check surroundings), and to manully refresh you have to press & hold your thumb on the thumb scanner on the widget.

Any ideas anyone else has?


Senior Member
Sep 26, 2011
Its interesting that I've not seen this as I search often for zombie games. I will need to get acquainted with the app but your ideas sound awesome.

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