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Jun 29, 2021
Lenovo Vibe P1m
Xiaomi Poco F3

Syberia Os.
stock kernel


Jan 12, 2018
The Rom: Cassanova MiMax: this is an incredibly good rom. based off miui 12.0.3 eu. Very very nice performance and great battery backup.




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Jul 20, 2021
X0PIRAT3, it took me a while, but I got my Poco F3 last week and installed CrDroid 7.12 build date 20-11-2021 on it. Compared to earlier this year, the ROM's Antutu score really improved!


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Mar 27, 2021
Descendant alioth-12.0 V.0951 23-12-2021 RELEASE

My phone is the 8GB ram 256GB rom Version, i love this rom

Screenshot_20220110-190126_AnTuTu Benchmark.png
Screenshot_20220110-190134_AnTuTu Benchmark.png


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Mar 27, 2021
I'm on this rom as well I'm on the 8 gb 128gb version. My score is not even close to this i often get under 50000
This rom is my daily driver,

My Poco F3 is the 8gb/256gb EU version,

Other AnTuTu scores were,
Arrow O/S A12, 679090, V12-12, 661033,

maybe if yours is the 128gb version, then you only have 6gb of ram.

When i installed this great rom, i started from a fresh install of .eu rom
you could check MY POST.

I love this rom(y)(y)(y)(y)

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    Hello everyone, first of all forgive me for my absence. My smartphone broke and the entire motherboard was corrupted. I sent it as a guarantee and it changed it to me. As for the Benchmarks, I think it's over for me because if this problem has happened once, it can reappear a second time. Hopefully you don't take this news the wrong way. Thank you very much for following me and helping me until the. Good bye my friends

    Thank you very much for all your comments and benchmarks. 2k view, I don't know how to thank you ❤️
    I do all my benchmarks without third-party applications installed only ANTUTU

    Arrow OS, the build of June 18, 2021 : 682325

    Havoc OS, the build of May 23, 2021 : 687219

    CrDroid, the build of July 25, 2021: 650662

    Elite Rom, the build of May 21, 2021: 675318

    Nusantara Project, the build of May 29, 2021: 660119

    Syberia OS, the build of July 10, 2021 : 697664

    PixelExtended, the build of May 22, 2021 : 689754

    EvolutionX, the build of May 7, 2021 : 668085

    DotOS, the build of July 7, 2021: 686322

    Descendant, the build of July 17, 2021 : 647510

    OneOS, the build of July 19, 2021 : 692726

    AOSIP, the build of July 19, 2021 : 638241

    PixelPlusUI, the build of July 16, 2021 : 642161

    AICP, the build of July 22, 2021 : 628926

    If you like the concept, don't hesitate to share your score (by taking a screenshot of it) to see which developer has the best score!
    People don't care about antutu because it doesn't mean anything. I think pocophone f3 with aosp rom scores 300 or 400k in antutu and 685k with miui, so, it means nothing..
    Sorry, this is a classical answer, but it's not really true: I agree that the customer experience is the most important (and it's different for each of us) but this customer experience is supported by different factors and the speed of the hardware and the efficiency of the ROM participate greatly to it.
    So for me, it's always interesting to know the performance of the chipset in combination with the ROM, and Antutu is one of these interesting benchmark.
    I've been on Xda for about 5 years now and I have flashed a 100 different roms and kernels. Here's the thing even if the kernel claims to be overclocked it gets the same score as stock kernel and stock rom usually does get the best scores until the unit is outdated and doesn't get updates. You wonder why people say it matters? Because some developer puts out a kernel and says it's overclocked and so fast and everyone knows they absolutely can not make a kernel better than the people at Xiaomi and no one says anything. The new users than think it's true and They get the good old placebo effect and it continues the lie for years to come.
    691014 With last weekly update of eu developer ROM v21.6.16