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Apr 14, 2010
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Designed by me ;) have fun with it!


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Jan 23, 2012
Hey quick question, what's the name of the weather widgets u r using on your rom? I'm running InsertCoin ICS n I need a weather widgets like yours pls

Not sure which one he's using but fancy widgets has some good free ones on t he market.

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Mar 7, 2011
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    HTC Sensation with LauncherProPlus. Two screens only.

    Custom background with links to folderOrganizerFodler + apps, placed with transparent png icons.
    Iphonious iconpack set for each app inside FolderOrganizer.

    Best phone ever.












    Just Wanna say goodbye, and Thank you guys. Im moving on, to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Thread soon.

    Thanks for support

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    I somehow always thinks it's nice to see others homescreens, and maybe get some inspiration from it. So feel free to show off ;)

    So you're basically saying that you can make a screenshot if the phone is rooted?! Really makes sense :p

    Yea, don't really need to root it to be able to take a screenshot. There are alot of apk's available for taking screenshots :cool:

    I'm using MyPhoneExplorer for taking screenshots (doesn't require rooting).
    Link to app for PC (Windows):

    Link to client (install on phone):

    Works great via USB, didn't try over Bluetooth or WiFi (don't need right now).

    To connect Android Phone, after install on Your PC, in Options, select "Device with Google Android OS" instead of "Sony Ericsson Phone with modem interface".

    To take screenshot, go to "Additional" and select "Upload screenshot". Small window will appear, where You can see what Your phone actually displays, click on "Save as..." and You're done! :):):)

    This app is powerfull to sync all data with Outlook, send SMS from Your PC, install *.apk applications from Your PC, make backups and stuff... :)
    Can you share that wallpaper?

    +1. Is this 540x960?

    Here you are and yes I placed a 540x960 version centered and another like my screen (to the right).


    There is also a larger version as well 1230x1080 in the zip I found the original wall at just type in "white" in the search engine. I was looking for very bright wallpaper and found this one when I was really looking for a staircase or bookshelves..............LOL
    *stole* this from capn c :) and ran with it to give it my

    Homescreen. The middle part around the android icon is actually an analog clock as well.

    Here is my lockscreen...


    can you tell me how can i make my sensation look like that? :)

    It takes a good couple of hours to get everything just right depending on your phone and what your current settings are. Yet I initially thought you needed aokp to run this, but the base of this is either Apex or Nova launcher and can be ran on pretty much on any ROM. I am using Nova on AOKP Hypersensation.

    The programs required to get this up are:
    Nova Launcher
    Switchpro widget (cost .99usd)
    minimalistic text
    Widget Locker (2.99 usd)

    All credit goes to capn c for the idea and write up and also CVDesignlab from who initially designed it.

    Here's the write up:

    I didn't use all of the parts listed in the write up but I have used a majority of it.

    Here's my edited lockscreen because of almost missing my dentist appt this morning lol

    EDIT: Just a fyi, if you want MY lockscreen below, let me know. There are a lot of moving parts to it. There's 3 UCCW widgets and 1 minimalistic text widget (the calendar) involved. And that's not including the wallpaper, and the widget locker theme.

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