[Sense 4.0 Theme] Sense 3.6 ROM - Keyboard/Clock/Lockscreen/Dialer/sms/wallpaper/dock

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Mar 17, 2011
I'm still trying to get dialer theme, I'm in contact with someone who has created one! Shouldn't be long now!

The lads in Elegance mod./theme did created new dialer, ask them they are always willing to give helping hand

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Feb 17, 2011
Hi people, i made a sense 4.0 dialer theme .. but it was for sense 3.5 now we finally got sense 3.6 and will made it in this weekend.. same resolution don't worry ;)

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Jun 16, 2010
In fact I want to know what changes the apk on messages? It changes the theme given for the appearance of "sense 4" and it installs the apk "message 4 Sense"??

It is basically the sense 4.0 message apk. It overwrites the sense 3.6 message apk. Therefore you will have green speech bubbles rather than blue. That's all! :)

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    Hey everyone =]. This is basically just something I have been trying to create for myself, i'm not a developer, but I have been searching and will provide links/downloads that will help you create a sense 4.0 look-a-like on your sense 3.6 device! The screen-shots below show how similar it looks :)

    If like me, you want the stability and speed of a sense 3.6 ROM, but the look and feel of a sense 4.0 ROM, then this is for you :D

    Don't forget to click thanks and rate 5*!! :)

    Confirmed working on Insertcoin 5.X.X + ARHD!

    Sense 4.0 wallpaper - Download jpg in downloads section. (Has increased saturation and contrast, making it look better on our qHD screens :p) - Full credits to me :)

    Sense 4.0 keyboard theme - Download zip and flash in recovery - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1569017 - full credits Jerrytan93!!

    Sense 4.0 Clock widget *FIXED BUG* - In download section, install like normal apk then reboot! It will then be under widgets. Full credits Will972!!

    Sense 4.0 Message apk - *FIXED BUG (Hopefully)* In download section, move mms.apk to system/apps and replace, changing permissions to same as other system apps - Full credits Anobahar!!

    Sense 4.0 Sound - Click Download and flash in recovery - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1567035&highlight=sense+4+0+sound - Full Credits to Tsaren89!!

    Sense 4.0 Recent Apps - Download leedroid tweaks 4.3 and flash in recovery. Then change the recent apps dialog under 'status bar' to sense 4.0 look-a-like (They are working on improving the quality of image!) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1586037 - Full credits to j4n87, Romanbb, LeeDroid, M0narx!

    **UPDATE 29.04.2012** Sense 4.0 Lockscreen - If you have not already, download and flash the new version 4.3 of leedroid tweaks [Link provided above]. Once installed, go to lockscreen, select Hide navbar, then click customize shortcuts and hide bubbles! Full credits to j4n87, Romanbb, LeeDroid, M0narx!

    **UPDATE 07.05.2012** Sense 4.0 Dialer theme is now available! Please download and move to system/app. Then set permissions and reboot phone :) http://www.2shared.com/file/LRc12LqD/HtcDialer.html? Full Credits Will972

    **UPDATE 25.05.2012** Sense 4.0 dock if you haven't already flash the latest leedroid tweaks, change dock to transparent, and then apply this wallpaper :) http://img846.imageshack.us/img846/2970/wallpapervibrant.png Full credits j4n87, Romanbb, LeeDroid, M0narx, anobahar, Me xD
    HTC dialer sense 4.0 style (wip)

    hi people as i already said i'm workin' on a themed dialer and this is what got for now :) :

    i will work more and when it will be ok i'll share it ;)

    Tbestie i'll let know mate

    Check first post!

    - Lockscreen - Remove icon backgrounds
    - Lockscreen - Remove lockscreen navbar!

    Both to make lockscreen look like sense 4.0!

    Enjoy :)
    Still working on dialer guys!
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