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[SENSE 5] [PORT] ViperS Sense 5 ROM Discussion

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    Hey folks!
    Here is a good news for HTC Sensation users, Team Venom has ported Sense 5 ROM for our beloved Sensation. And Yes, soon your device will Run on HTC's latest Sense UI with Android Jellybean 4.1.2

    XDA Post
    (Hit Thanks to this guy, They are deserving more than a Simple Thanks though)

    Video made by Ivicask

    * FAQ *

    -> ETA:
    Guys! To be honest,
    This ROM will not release Today,Tommorow or in a week. Every ROM port needs time to be perfect, and same with this one also. There are lots of Tasks carried out by ROM devs, Kernel devs and Testers each day. And Nobody from the Team can give Full time to the ROM (As they all have their Private life and Jobs, Still they are contributing a lot)
    Moreover, you know that, our ViperS team is also developing for HTC One X+, and Yes after a long time HOX+ also got Sense 5 update, So its obvious to work with that ROM also. Venom Team is adding more features to both the ROMs, So that you can use it as a Daily Driver.

    -> What you can Expect at Release?
    The Complete Package of ROM with Bugs reduced to almost none.99.99% STABLE ! (Up to Venom Team Standards you know!! ;))

    -> Which ROM Base is this?
    This ROM is originally ported from HTC ONE, Then re-based to ONE S(by TrickDroid Team) parts due proper resize.
    And then ported to Sensation(Basically apps and framework only from ONE S port)
    Android Version: Jelly Bean 4.1.2
    HTC Sense Version: Sense 5.0
    Kernel version: 3.4.10 SebastianFM- 1.0.2
    Build number: 3.19.401.101 CL157254 release-keys

    -> Why HTC Zoe won't work?
    Zoe needs some Hardware supports from Phone side, and even Zoe doesn't included in HTC One X/X+ Official Update.

    -> How is the Free RAM in this ROM?
    As HTC made Sense 5 more minimalistic as possible. So, there is Good RAM management in Sense 5 ROM. Free RAM is good though and almost as good as Sense 4.1 ROMs or even better.
    Just Check this + With KSM

    -> How is the Battery with this ROM?
    Battery is as good as it shoud be, mostly closed to Stock ROM.
    Just Check this

    -> Any Benchmark Results?
    Yes, of course. Check This

    -> What's working/not working atm?
    Sorry guys!

    This ROM is worth waiting, instead of making assumptions and showing your eagerness.
    So, You HAVE to WAIT for your Next Daily Driver ROM.
    :) Thank You for your co-operation :)
    HOX+ is updated now to sense 5, its our turn guys :)

    In a month + You should have it if all goes well :)

    Team venom clearly has no idea what a community is, you release no source nor allow ports, you try to force everyone to use your one fits all Rom rather than just let other Rom cookers who may make Roms others like credit you and customise it! Quotes like "it will be the only sense 5 Rom on sensation" is just an example of why you make other developers hate you... Everyone else works together and give credits and team venom sit alone thinking they're too good to be part of the bigger picture!

    Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using xda app-developers app

    And you clearly have no idea what "community" looks this days, rom zipers , and rom re-branders. Nobody wanna get up their lazy asses and make some unique work of their own, or actually contribute to others in any way, just wanna use others work, and after that talk bad about them, we felt this on our backs several times.

    And just for your info, if someone was glad to share it was me(still i am), i helped countless devs on ports for various devices, shared many of my unique fixes nobody even had idea how to do, not to mention im daily receiving PMs from various devs/users/forums for help and i answer each one of them in my best effort to help.Just check various HTC forums and see why they credit Ivicask..

    And what i get in return? Let me tell you, NOTHING!And i don't even expect anything, only respect from users! Talking just about Sensation forms, since Sense 4 ports started, We, Team Venom where only ones who actually FIXED stuff, always worked on new stuff, new ports and new ideas, we even shared lite version of Tweaks with other devs, and helped implementing OTA updates in roms and many other things. And what other devs contributed to us?Not a single thing, they just "re-branded" our work, than some smart users comes and talks bad about our work which hes basically using.

    So you or anyone else have no right to talk about "open community" and "sharing" and Team Venom is this and that, when u start doing hard work as We, than you will also start appreciate it and understand how it feels when someone abuses you and profits out of your work.

    And now please all this pointless discussions, and stupid insulting of each other, this thread was not opened for that reason!
    yes it work in KingSenseS 1.0.0

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    I will tell HTC to tell XDA to remove all Sense 5 and sense 4 rom from XDA because of kanged or copycat HTC hard work,,,

    Man, go un-root your phone, install stock Sense 3.6 rom, and get the fu*** out of XDA forums..

    I must say, ViperS's dev team is not only with endless talent, but with endless patients as well.
    I subscribed to this thread a long while ago, and whenever my blood pressure is low, I enter just to read a few comments.

    Flashololics are never happy. It's either an early development with a lot of bugs.. or "hey, we SHOULD have had that feature"..

    People here are full of suggestions, comments, ideas, plans... All these people had bought the Sensation, paid HTC (directly or not) a good deal of money. I bet well over 90% of these smartasses did not even contact HTC, asking for more support, new features, new versions etc.
    But they do ask, suggest and at times demand from the devs here.

    Are you aware that these devs invest their free time in this? They could work and earn money, they could go to the movies, visit a friend, watch TV at that time, pretty much what you lazy asses do at your own free time. But no - these devs invest their time in the benefit of all of us, sensation users.
    Do any of you have any idea how hard their work is? Had any of you reversed engineered anything? Even compiled a kernel? Not to mention delvik issues, library manipulation, kernel development ? These are REALLY REALLY HARD!

    I, for one, sit back, and enjoy the fact that there are such people who make my phone rock, when the company behind it gave up long ago.
    I appreciate, donate, thank - really thank, not just press that ugly button - all these devs! They are doing an amazing job.

    Like every one else, I'm waiting for the next version. Always waiting for the next version.. Be it Sense 5, a new kernel tweak, a new mod, an extra 0.7MB or RAM, a new sound enhancement etc.. And I do get excited when these come out, and ran to flash them instantly. Such a flash could make my day!
    But I will never, EVER, throw accusations, demands or ETAs toward these guys.

    Some people here think they are so clever - with such a perfect English, great reasoning and "logic" - that they can manipulate the devs into thinking they are writing a wonderful suggestions, when between the line there are all these ugly ETA demands hiding.. Well let me tell you something smart asses - you're not fooling anyone but yourselves. Personally, your make me sick.

    Bottom line, I respect team venom - a lot. Their work for ages, and now their endless patients.
    I feel bad when I see how people ***** on them in here - while they do their best to respond, support and answer.

    So, Team Venom, by unsubscribing I do not mean to show disrespect. On the contrary. I simply cannot stand and watch that bitching going on.

    As a token of my appreciation - some beer!!
    Monarx - 48H35879C68515420
    SebastianFM - 31X23391GX562090J
    ivicask - your account refuse to get funds - either it had overflown with funds (which you very well deserve...) or there's a configuration issue. Anyhow, please fix it and PM me :)

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.