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Nov 29, 2009
"You need to flash hspl and update your radio:"

nice :D managed to upgrade my radio and android is working :) thx for help... just ine problem.. is it just one of the buggs that it is nit working very smoothly???
and one more thing? is there any chance how to switch it back to WM? I mean... is it possible to use ones WM, ones Android or I have just erased the WM for good?


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Jul 15, 2010
The build is pretty old and buggy. Find hastarin kernel 8.1 or 8.2 and it will work better.

I would recommend mdj 2.4 clean build and use hastarin 8.6 kernel for a daily use SD build.

Just power off/on or reboot and you are back to winmo :)

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Sep 1, 2010
So ...

I have been running what I have in my signature for quite some time now. Can somebody suggest what's working out best for them?

I used to have 3mA to 5mA standby battery usage, but somehow sometime it changed to 60mA and now the battery drains in about 12 hours in standby.

Any help will definitely help.



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May 11, 2010
Thanks very much for this build. New to this ROM stuff and was quite afraid of trying to install one but was now a success and loving it. To the people saying they have found better ROMs? Mind pointing me in the right direction? (SD ROMs would be preferred).

Anyhow, thanks very much for this ROM. Must appreciated.


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Jul 14, 2007
Charlotte, NC
Android Builds for the HD2

follow this link:


there you will find all the different Android builds for the HD2. This ROM was great for the time it was produced in...but now, there are a lot better builds out there. You can even get a Gingerbread build if you like. Just check out the link and you will see everything that is out there, very well organized.

Good luck!


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Jun 27, 2009
Springfield, Mo
This build was awesome for along time.. I used it until I found Motoman's Glacier ( MyTouch 4G ) SD build. He made a few great builds. The Glacier and the Carbon Remix builds are ones I suggest trying.

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Mar 24, 2011
hi i have problem maybe its not for this thread but maybe someone can help me ....i have froyo from desire hd with sense and when i download apps or games from market it downloads slow about 10-20kb/s with wi fi...and i have installed gingerbread 2.3.5 and its normal speed (200kb/s) but ginger drains battery fast can someone help me ??


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Mar 24, 2011
i also had froyostone sense v2 and it download slow too ,i tried android from this thread but it doesnt work i left my phone for 1h and it was still on bootscreen

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    mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.8

    Quick Changes:

    1. New EVO kernel
    2. Wifi tethering now works
    3. Light sensor works
    4. PPP reliability improved dramatically
    5. No more hard freezes switching from Wifi to mobile data
    6. MMS size fixed for T-Mobile US
    7. Touch screen and G-Sensor freezes practically eliminated
    8. Green line in YouTube HQ is gone, picture quality is improved

    Based on the official HTC Desire Froyo update.

    READ THIS!! You will see a strange screen at boot. It may have different images or lines in black/white and will appear to be frozen. This is normal, just be patient and it will move past this. Also, there is no RMNET - not even an option - for this build. PPP is stable and no longer freezes.

    Random notes on the build:
    • Kernel is not overclockable. You can always replace with an overclockable kernel if you wish.
    • On PPP build, make sure all of your APN settings are correct. It may not work if they are not.


    1. Download zip file.
    2. Extract contents of zip file into a folder on your SD card named 'Android'.
    3. Using a file explorer in Windows Mobile, inside the 'Android' folder run CLRCAD.exe. Don't worry, it will appear to do nothing, that is normal.
    4. Run Haret.exe.
    5. Enjoy Android.

    Known problems:
    It is easier to list what I know doesn't work.
    1. Certain apps from the market won't install. Neocore is one for example. You have 2 options to get them to work. A) Copy the .apk to your SD card then run it from your phone or B) Unmount your SD card first (Settings > SD Card > Unmount SD Card).
    2. Notification LEDs are flaky, sometimes work, sometimes not
    3. Camera flashes prematurely.

    Some items you may want that are indeed WORKING!
    1. Bluetooth - Works completely on my Ford Sync system. A2DP, streaming audio, answering and ending calls, etc. BT Keyboards don't work yet.
    2. Camera
    3. 3G. I get ~1000kbps down in Ft Worth. My EDGE speeds have increased in RC1.4.
    4. WIFI. Confirmed working with WEP and WPA.
    5. GPS. Takes some time to pickup on first use, works great.
    6. SIM contacts are working. (edit: some people have had issues, I have not).
    7. I have included Automount (a free app) to mount your SD Card. Simply open Automount, set it to mount, then plug in your USB cable.
    8. FM Radio
    9. Camcorder!

    Change log:

    1. New EVO kernel
    2. Wifi tethering now works
    3. Light sensor works
    4. PPP reliability improved dramatically
    5. No more hard freezes switching from Wifi to mobile data
    6. MMS size fixed for T-Mobile US
    7. Touch screen and G-Sensor freezes practically eliminated
    8. Green line in YouTube HQ is gone, picture quality is improved

    1. Added EVO and Nexus cam interfaces. User can choose which to use.
    2. Default sense wallpaper now works. Live and static.
    3. Voice dialer added, works over bluetooth.
    4. New base for better app/market stability.
    5. PPP and RMNET versions will be available without having to patch anything.
    6. More default APN some corrected including TMOUS.
    7. Root file system will allow easier updating in the future.
    8. Switched to kernel from git. No overclocking. You can install any other kernel you wish.
    9. Improved WIFI performance.

    • Bluetooth is working again.
    • Apps requiring SU are now working again. SetCPU and Titanium have both been tested.
    • Overclocking and underclocking work now.
    • Battery life has been improved.
    • Media folder added for missing ringtones and notifications.
    • Added Adobe Flash :)
    • Random freezes should be fixed. You may get a hard freeze on first boot.
    • PPP reliability improved.

    • Flashlight now works on all 3 levels. No need for market flashlight app.
    • Switched from RMNET to PPP data. Results are more reliable connection and faster upload speeds.
    • 1GB data store. This rootfs.img is *NOT* compatible with any others.
    • USB connections are now recognized as usb. You should get a usb menu upon plug-in.
    • 5MP camera with standard def camcorder. Camera app has improved picture quality and flash over previous build.

    1. Using new kernel that overclocks and has full ram.
    2. Added support for LED keypad lights.
    3. Amber charging and notification lights work occasionally but don't count on them.

    1. Speed increased dramatically with new kernel.
    2. Added EVO camcorder and camera app, allows pictures and recording via onscreen button.

    1. Used official OTA Froyo update for Desire. This added a speed increase.
    2. Added Cotulla's 03-08 kernel.
      a. Fixed issues with sharp panel
      b. Increased stability of I2C
      c. increased touch screen ratio
      d. Fixed volume level
      e. Volume can be changed during call
      f. Some work under removing apt voice during calls
      g. Program soft reset should work now
    3. Added USB Automount program to easily mount SD card within Android.
    4. Data.img increased to 512MB for added app storage.
    5. Market speed is increased significantly.
    6. Bluetooth support adjusted, may add more support. Need testers. (Not keyboard support).

    1. Fix for proximity sensor killing phone issue.
    2. Updated Bluetooth. This may fix some issues.
    3. Added Froyo default keyboard w/voice input. To activate, long press in any text input field, choose 'Input Method', choose 'Android keyboard'. You will see a microphone button, push it to use voice input. This keyboard also has the "swipe up" feature standard in Froyo.
    4. Added Voice Dialer and Voice Search apps. They work great.

    1. Added Cotulla's and dan1j3l's GPS fix. I don't think it has been tested 100% so just know it is experimental right now. Thanks to the devs for getting us that!
    2. Cleaned some unnecessary files to (hopefully) improve speed a little.
    3. Testing improved stability of the filesystem. If you transfer files to your device (music, etc.) as a USB device, make sure to safely eject the device before removing the USB cable. If you improperly remove the device, you may experience some strange issues.

    RC 1.1:
    First Build. :)

    1.8 Download link: http://www.multiupload.com/Y4ZQOJ1YWO

    1.7 Download link (ppp): http://www.multiupload.com/0HXQF8OAO9
    Mirror (Germany): http://www.meinmedienportal.de/download-page/?category=30

    Download for RMNET version(only use if you are having internet or hard freeze problems with PPP version, this is not a patch but a full version): http://www.multiupload.com/542ASB67OI

    I have removed all previous downloads to clean up the post. PM me if you would like a link.

    Kernel Sources:

    The latest zImages can always be found here:

    Git: http://www.gitorious.com/linux-on-wince-htc/linux_on_wince_htc

    note: you do not need to download those, they are included.



    I have had several people ask where they can donate. If you want to donate, click the 'Donate' button here:

    Credits for help on the build:
    ElBartoME - Amazing help with PPP
    michyprima - for compiling a kernel so I don't have to :)
    huanyu - for his overclocking skills

    And beta testers:

    I appreciate all feedback. We can't improve without criticism.
    I found the thanks button. So thanks. One more quick thing. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a updated android OS that is not for the Nexus. I really like the way the desire or evo look. Also there is a buzzing noise when I try and make phone calls and the sound does not work.


    Is that using that build? Are you using a launcher or starting android via haret yourself? If the latter did you tap clcrd or whatever it is first?

    Try rebooting and make another call ensure that if manually starting android that you tap clcrd first even though it may appear to do nothing :)

    Dunno about those builds as I hate sense with a passion, it runs heavy and has even more self running apps than normal android so sorry on that one I'm afraid I can't really help you...

    You could alsways get another launcher from the market which will give you a bit more control over what things look like on your screen.

    Currently Running Tytung's NAND Nexus V1.9a.
    If i have helped you, please use the thanks button :)
    Has your Jawbone worked with any other build? If so, which one?

    Tried on my Lexus and no go either. I see some people were able to get their bluetooth to work, can someone verify if they had bluetooth enable in Winmo prior to booting Android or was it disable? I'll give this test a shot on 1.2.
    Iu second that, the new zImage been working just fine with the exact same settings, I'm using a class 4 8gb SD, oh and my 3G works GREAT I get 1010 kb on download.
    This build really rocks =)

    It really doesn't.

    You're missing out!

    I started on this build and have moved on to much much better builds

    Currently running Tytung's NEXUS-HD2 2.1 Gingerbread NAND.

    If I have helped you, please use the thanks button :)