Accessories September 11, 2022 review added: USB-C hub / dock recommendations for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, S8+, and S8 Ultra

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Oct 5, 2017
Hi @niltec trhuth to be told we cannot know wich parts of that doc will work without knowing how it is made inside at a logical level. You can expect however that any USB4/thunderbolt/pcie related function to straight up not work. If the dock is able to accept a simple USB3 signal with DP alternate mode you can expect the parts of the doc that are able to use this signal to work.

If that doc accepts a non pcie signal and is made to prioritize the display, then you might be able to have a 4k60p monitor toghether with USB2.0 speeds on the usbs and ethernet. So far I haven't found a dock that prioritizes that much the display.

Assuming that it works at all a more realistic speculation might be 1440p 60Hz for the display, Usb 3 5Gbps, and 1Gb ethernet..... but this is a very very very optimistic scenario because it assumes that the doc is flexible enough to accept a much lower bandwidth signal compared to what it is designed to accept. If you are unlucky the doc presents itself as a pcie device and nothing will work on our tablet that has a super outdated interface.

Ps the dongle I ordered arrived but it will be a while until I will be able to try it.


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Oct 5, 2017
Hi everybody. In the end I ordered the first of the 3 dongles that I linked and I can confirm that the monitor with dex is running at 3840*2160p60 at 8bits ( so non HDR). Having only USB-2.0 on the rest of the dongle actually did the trick. So far I do use 2 dongles. The one that I linked for when I need to prioritize the display, and another one from amazon for when I need to prioritize file transfer speed. I'm not linking the second one because it is just "one among the many". It is one of those that rightfully assumes you are rocking at least DP1.4 to give you all the functions, with DP1.2 it just limits the display to save bandwidth.

If I may make a comment on the quality of the display output I would say it looks a bit raspberry-pi like/linux like: It is 4k but somehow looks less precise than on Windows. Then again It may just be a matter of me getting used to it or the font being with a different shape and stuff like that. As far as responsiveness and interaction with the system goes no complains at all except for those inherent to dex and android.

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    Good to know, thank you.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't take USB-C for power input (only power output, input is a power brick), and is only 5 Mb/s data transfer rate on USB ports. I think there are more competitive products for even the sale price.
    Hey. My seemingly endless search for a hub that will tick all the boxes (which are remarkably similar to yours) has brought me here. It's baffling that the implementers of the USB 3 protocol chose not to differentiate between USB 3.0 and it's successors, leading to a situation where USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 1 are essentially synonymous. A simple clerical decision made years ago has led to devices that support the identical USB 3 protocol often been advertised by different manufacturers as either USB 3.2 Gen 2 or USB 3.1 Gen 2. Those consumers who even pay attention to specs like that are naturally gonna assume that 3.2 Gen 2 is the more advanced version of the two identical protocols... Even I have to look very closely (sometimes in vain) to try and figure out what type of type C data port a hub has included. Like, will it support Display Port port over USB C? And, as I'm sure you know now, there are plenty of monitors and tvs that accept the DP signal and data over the correct USB C cable.

    My research has led me to assume that Anker's hubs are more expensive for good reasons. They seem to be the only brand (in the sub €100 category anyway) that offer a hub with an additional USB C data port that supports DP alt-mode. Pretty frustrating when there's no shortage of USB 4 type cables out there and a couple of extremely expensive hubs that cater for them out there already.

    After much searching, I really don't think this it the best time to be spending money on a hub that's going to offer me features I don't need at the the moment. I need to decide on a wireless/bluetooth keyboard and mouse too. Then maybe I can start to save for my next PC build and still get to experience high-end games with the likes of GeForce Now, or even some of the recent titles on Play that I played on PC back in the day like a few of the Total War series and Company of Heroes. CoH even has mouse and keyboard support. Hopefully we'll start to see more demand from android gamers for control options, especially for shooters, playing one with a controller is just plain unnatural, lol. it's coming to Xbox, so why not?

    So I'm gonna settle for a UGREEN USB C Hub HDMI 7-IN-1 Type C Hub with USB 3.0 Ports, TF/SD Card Reader and 100W PD. Of course I'll need to buy a USB C extension cable because all these damn hubs were designed for laptops (except the couple that plug right into the tablet. I don't see those hubs staying in place for any amount of time...)

    Well, I've sure rambled on and then some! If you've any opinions I'd be interested in hearing them.


    By the way, yes, it is a very real and weird coincidence that my previous updates were always on the 11th of a month as well.

    Update 3 (September 11, 2022):

    I used the CalDigit SOHO Dock for a real purpose for the first time. I used its HDMI port to hook up to my 4K LG TV, and I wanted to charge the tablet at the same time as I knew it would be drawing a lot of power.
    • I used the USB-C cable that was included (~1 foot) with the CalDigit SOHO Dock to go from the Dock's output USB-C port to the tablet.
    • I tried both the 6-foot Anker Powerline+ II and the 3.3-foot JSAUX cables to go from the Anker 736 100W charger to the CalDigit SOHO Dock's USB-C charge port.
    • I had a 6-foot HDMI cable going to the TV (I also tested it with a 10-foot HDMI cable just to see, and it also worked fine).
    The HDMI display worked fine, other than that the TV cut off the very top and bottom of the image, but it didn't cause many problems, especially with the tablet in Samsung DEX mode. In non-DEX mode, I couldn't see the status bar at all, although using my Bluetooth mouse, I was still able to pull the notification shade down just fine without seeing the top.

    However, I had a problem with the charging. The tablet was still losing power faster than it was charging, although it definitely was charging some. I played musical chairs with the USB-C cables and found that the short USB-C cable that CalDigit included, which I believe I had read from their website should handle the dock's maximum of 100W, was the culprit. I know the tablet can only charge at a maximum of 45W, and I know that you can only achieve 45W charging if you're using Samsung's own charger that you have to buy separately, but eliminating CalDigit's USB-C cable out of the equation solved the charging problem. Note that I had hardly touched the Dock since I bought it, except for some basic tests just to make sure it worked, so I doubt if their included cable became damaged - and it was still working for HDMI delivery, just not for a high-enough wattage charging at the same time.

    I'm currently using the 3.3-foot JSAUX cable from the dock to the tablet, and the 6-foot Anker between the Anker charger and the dock.

    Update 2 (May 11, 2022): Ordered the following:
    • 2x Anker Powerline+ II USB C Cable, USB C to USB C (6ft, 60W) USB-IF Certified Cable, Type C Charging Cable, Fast Charge for MacBook Air, iPad Pro, iPad Air 4, Galaxy, Pixel, and More(Red)

    Update 1 (April 11, 2022): Ordered the following:
    • CalDigit USB-C Gen2 10Gb/s SOHO Dock - Up to 4K 60Hz, HDMI 2.0b, HDR, DisplayPort 1.4, 10Gb/s USB A & USB C, UHS-II microSD and SD Card Readers, Bus Power and Passthrough Charging Support
    • JSAUX USB C to USB C 3.1 Gen 2 10Gbps 100W Cable [3.3ft/1M], [email protected] Monitor Video Cable Thunderbolt 3 Compatible with MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, Pixel and More Type-C Devices-Blue

    For USB ports, the dock only has one USB-A port (and one USB-C port available when charging), but I think most of the time this will be enough. Note that the dock manufacturer's site has video and charging firmware updates (from a year ago). I did update my dock to the latest firmware when I received it. As of September 11, 2022, v1.2.7 from December 2021 is still the most recent.

    Original post:
    I intend this thread for anyone to share their experiences with various USB-C hubs they try with their Tab S8 variants, or even what others are looking for in a hub. I'll be getting a Tab 8 Ultra, but it's estimated it'll be another month and a half (~ April 15th) before I receive my pre-order.

    Myself, I'm looking for some hopefully not compromised but not break the bank USB-C hub. If a hub had all the features I list below, I'd consider paying more for one.

    Features I've been researching for:
    1. A removable Power Delivery (PD - I believe 3.0 is the latest) USB-C cable, preferably higher power for other or future devices, but 45W minimum. I don't like hubs that have a built-in cable. In one way they're convenient, but a) they're short, and 2) if something happens to that cable, you might as well toss that whole device unless you want to start electrically and mechanically modding it. If I find a hub that matches all my other "wants" below, then an attached cable might not be a deal killer, as long as it's a rugged type, and preferably longer but even without being longer or rugged, I'd consider it as a last resort.
    2. Has at least 1x USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 port (10 Gb/s).
    3. Has at least 1x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 data port or faster. So the device would have the cable going to the Tab 8, a Power Delivery cable powering both the hub and Tab 8, and yet another place for a USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 or faster data connection.
    4. A gigabit ethernet port.
    5. At least one HDMI port.
    6. A MicroSD port - I know the Tab 8 Ultra already has a MicroSD port, and I'll likely keep a card in it, but I still want to be able to access another one natively (not through an additional USB adapter connected to the hub).
    7. It would be nice to have a DisplayPort as well, but I'd consider a hub without one.
    8. A 3.5mm audio port would also be nice. Not necessarily a deal-killer without one, but in lieu of one, I'd require at least one additional USB-C port of any type specifically for using USB-C headphones, although I'm willing to test my USB-A ->USB-C adapter, which works fine with my USB-C headphones on my desktop PC.
    9. I'd prefer either at least a well-known brand (like Anker), or if not well known, then I'd prefer to buy either at a local brick and mortar store like Micro Center, Best Buy, OfficeMax, or even Walmart if I must, or at for easy returns if there's an issue early on.
    10. We'll see if I've forgotten something in this list. 😊
    You can safely assume I've already done a lot of looking already, but certainly not uber-exhausted every option.
    1 is the one I've been considering. I think it checks all your boxes. I have a smaller Anker USB-C dock, but it has no ethernet and I've been thinking of upgrading.
    The Anker 655 and 555 are the only ones with a USB 3.2, though you're unlikely to have any accessories that take advantage of that.

    Anker 655 -

    Vs the one I linked above, on the 655 you lose out on displayport, only get 2 USB-A instead of 3, and no USB-C at all other than the power delivery input. Maybe they'll make a refreshed version of the 11 in 1 with USB 3.2 at some point.

    Pluggable makes a great one that has everything you want including a 3.2 A and 3.2 C port - . . . . . . but it's $339!
    Ok I think there are a couple of options:
    This one has the advantage of restoring a normal headphone jack: 1
    This one has one more usb 2.0 port: 2
    This one has been reported by other people as working with Tab S8 but I wasn't able to get the definitive answer. It is also the only one from a relatively reputable brand and the only one that specifies that it will definetly work with DP1.2. It has the downside of costing twice as much as the other ones: 3
    I *still* haven't tested things, but this is interesting: