Server dedicated to unlocking & rooting -- Advice

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So I've been contemplating and iterating on the idea of dedicating some computing power on a server for remote unlocking/rooting ect. In the past I've had great success doing so with a Pii and having physical access. But I've wanted to try to build something remote and really gauge the viability. If your a native Linux user then you know the pile of driver issues that come with attempting to run Windows VM's to do specific work on specific phones. And its with that I'd like to ask if any you beautiful people have some suggestions beyond the obvious to make this a viable option. Running a dedicated VM on the server specifically for this would be easy but again comes with all extremely annoying driver & serial port hurdles. Are there any docker images out there that could prove to be useful?

Right now the obvious solution to those issues is that when a friend or client needs something done they offer ssh access to their computer with the device connected so all of it can be completely circumvented. So that kind of simple functionality I'll certainly have covered. Looking into & getting answers for people won't be a problem remotely with a server setup properly but when it comes to things like unbricking or rooting Samsung devices anything short of physical access is basically a big big biggg time sink, with no gaurentee of any kind of solution in the end.

So what kind of advice/applications/different methods can you think up that might help bring the usefulness of this little experiment higher?

Also plz keep in mind this IS NOT being designed to offer For-Hire services, I'm just experimenting with the idea I'm finishing up a server build next week and have plenty of things I'll be using it for but I love to hack and just see where we can take different ideas, and this is one I've had great success with using single boards like a Raspberry Pii & one of my favs (just gotta mention it) is my cheap old little Apollo Lake Chromebook running Gallium Linux on it setup for the same plus Apple app suites. Two devices which cost me together less than 200$, actually all the peripherals probably cost quite a bit more than the devices. (well this was also when Pii's were still 35$ and THANK GOD i bought 5, but just FYI if you haven't heard that drought is ending very soon) So much fun and so damn useful!

Some brainstorming fruit :

unlocking/rooting devices remotely :

Server <----- Client Computer+---USB---+Device : Greatest Possible Chance
  • Full Rooting
  • Un-bricking
  • Installations
  • De-bloating
  • Tweaking

Server <--ADB server | Application (termux ssh ect.) |--> Device : Almost everything remains on the table IF device previously rooted
  • Diagnosing Issues
  • Tweaking
  • Almost all work on a previously prepared device
  • Rooting
  • Unbricking

Had to put in a pic of the Pii & Chromebook I use to do whatever random phone/tablet work my friends and peoples call me for. They're both old and beat up but astonishingly both function great still. Its Pii 3b+ and an Asus C423N - Apollo Lake (Celeron I believe).