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Dec 7, 2010


Jan 24, 2015
Sadly, Servicely doesn't seem to work better than greenify in my case.
Lost during the night the same amount of battery life as with greenify (7-8%).
So for now I stay with greenify, but I definitely check out Servicely in the future again!


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Nov 4, 2011
Hi, I try to use servicely too but it automatically closes some of my foreground app (amazing brick for example). When I read the OP I understood that's not normal... ?


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Jul 19, 2011
One issue I have run into when playing music: if the music app is not kept in the foreground, it is killed even though it is actively playing music.

@franciscofranco would you consider adding an additional check for this scenario?

That's the way it is designed to work...
He already said, at least on G+, that this App is not Greenify, it's different and therefore works differently.
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Jan 19, 2015
Screen off would be better, but still a problem with stuff like music apps where they are kept playing often with screen off. Only thing is to remove such applications from hit list.


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Sep 18, 2012
Screen off would be better, but still a problem with stuff like music apps where they are kept playing often with screen off. Only thing is to remove such applications from hit list.
Maybe option to not allow app to close during screen off ?

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    Remember that time when your device lost 50% of battery life during the night because a gazillion services from careless apps kept keeping your device awake and you have no way to disable them?

    Or when Facebook kept waking up your phone for no reason and you find no way to fix it other than uninstalling it?

    Servicely to the rescue!

    First of all make sure you're ROOTED (it won't work otherwise). You'll be able to select which apps will be put to sleep when the display goes off. Just like magic!

    You can also disable/enable permanently any service on your device. It's useful if you have services that tend to auto-restart and keep your device awake, or if you have games sending you never-ending notifications.

    This app is somewhat powerful so act responsibly when using it. I'm more than happy to help if you contact me :)

    The apk in the Play Store is free with ads, but I've disabled the ads for the apk below. You can still purchase the key from inside the app which helps me keep producing stuff for you, but you don't have to do so.

    You can choose between two "sleep" modes. The soft mode I assume it's probably similar to what Greenify does. The hard mode completely disables the apps you've choosed during screen off, and re-enabled during screen on. This mode removes any shortcuts or widgets from those disabled apps, but this is the most secure way to guarantee those apps won't wake up or do something crazy. That said, you'll be fine with the soft mode.

    Play Store download:

    I take no responsibility for any fault caused by any procedures of the app. No warranties of any kind are given.
    I think most users are misusing this app. These are my takes:

    Android/Linux kernel know how to handle most "APPS". If your system needs memory it will kill some apps running in the background, although it could be slow at doing this... some of these apps could be rogue apps (apps that forcefully stay running) get to know them using your wakelock stats dectector or any other app that can do this... Better Batter stats is what I use. If you are app is not rogue, e.g Gmail, Chrome, Whatsapp, leave the alone, they won use your battery. For example, open Chrome once, leave it open for a day in the background, you willl not see it on the battery stats top apps, might not even show at all!

    Now, where this app is useful, an app like Google Now, or a service like Google Play Service, etc, they keep your phone away by creating applications/kernel wakelock. This is where this app comes handy...Those services/apps might keep your phone away for over 10% to 100% of the time (Google play service, i am talking about you b**ch) and this app might help you kill them. Therefore, releasing the wakelock and your phone going to sleep because there is no need to keep the CPU running.

    So in short. There is no point in killing messaging apps, browsers and apps you use all the time, etc. When you kill them, and you open them, they will reload. if you dont kill them and leave them open, they will resume were you left them. Its more convenient/quicker... how it was intended IMO. Apps that depends on the location services, such as Google Now, and Google Play services, can be battery hoggers. Those are the ones you want to kill. Linux/Android knows when an app is in the background and remove its resources. Now, if you have a phone with say 1GB of memory, you might benefit by killing everything. You cant multitask much anyway with such low memory.

    My take on other apps, as it seems everybody keeps asking about them:

    Greenify: hibernates app. it forces them to sleep. It doesnt kill/break wakelocks, but it might try by hibernating the rogue app (not its services).

    Amplify: Kills wakelocks and alarms (scheduled process to run at certain times). and it schedules them to run at your desired scheduled time( say every 120 to 800 seconds for example) They wont be allowed to run at will.

    iOS: iOS do not let app create long wakelocks like Android does... once they get the estimate location for example, they are put to sleep, some of them are not even allowed to request location access unless they are opened by the users. That is why the iPhone is a sleeping beauty. Android, on the other hand, can get abused by any app. Yes, you can now allow apps location access individually (in Settings -> location), but once you do, they can request and create wakelocks at will, no user interaction required. That's why you will never get over 90% of sleep time, heck even over 85% unless you use one of all the apps available to limit other apps runtime.

    What i do: I use a combination of PowerNap, Greenefy, Amplify, DS Battery Saver (when available because now im running 5.1.1 with no Xposed) and Servicely. Few days ago, i was getting 98% of sleeping time at night time. My phone will lose exactly 2% to no more than 4% in 9 hours of sleep. Now i am just using App Ops/Privacy Guard to block apps from waking my phone and keeping it awake, it works wonders. My phone can sleep for about 95/96% of the time and best of all, i dont need Xposed.

    I hope this helps. and correct me if I am wrong. I am just a Unix/Linux sysadmin with over 10 years of experience, but i do not know everything. I am not a software developer nor i can build an OS from scratch. I wish i could :p
    The point of Servicely is kinda emulate how iOS deals with background services, it just closes the apps after a while, that's why idle power consumption is so amazing.

    I guess you can say that this is kind of a task killer - sure I accept that. But normal task killers either are too dumb and start killing all your apps, or you can't select which apps/services you want killed. And they are generally pretty heavy.

    Here you can have the best of both worlds, you can choose what to kill and when, it's lightweight, it's free, has good design etc.

    I know how the ServiceManager and ActivityManager and how the whole process->binder->userspace thingy works, and I can usually be against force closing all apps that you don't need running, but at least have some granular control over the ones that you absolutely do not want to run unless they're running on the Foreground.
    Pushed a new update which allows you to disable individual services. Please, be careful with this functionality.

    Just posted version 4.0.4 with some fixes and portuguese translation.
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