SGH-i780/806MHZ/WM6.5 UPGRADING. Last update 13/01/12

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Oct 24, 2007
heard it will get win10 update.
I want to port win10 to infocus m810.
that's target at all =p

Hope so but I read lot article and nobody can confirm this for now.
Right know I on preview for developer (little trick) and phone work really good
except battery life ;( I wait maybe next build fix this and looking for official update :D


Mar 26, 2011

Oh, good ... excellent in fact ... this thread is still alive. I like it.
Hey, I still have a Samsung SGH-i780 and I just put the 128DPI WWE WM 6.5.3 "Marvell Dream 2" ROM on it. Beautiful. Especially since the finger mouse works there unlike on the WM 6.5.3 built 28205 I had before.

As great a phone as it is I don't use it any more because I've switched to a dual SiM chinese HTC clone. Now, wasn't there once a section here on xda-developers where people could put up offers to sell used phones to other enthusiasts whom you'll not necessarily reach on eBay?



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Mar 3, 2009
Oh, good ... excellent in fact ... this thread is still alive. I like it.
Hey, I still have a Samsung SGH-i780 and I just put the 128DPI WWE WM 6.5.3 "Marvell Dream 2" ROM on it. Beautiful. Especially since the finger mouse works there unlike on the WM 6.5.3 built 28205 I had before.

As great a phone as it is I don't use it any more because I've switched to a dual SiM chinese HTC clone. Now, wasn't there once a section here on xda-developers where people could put up offers to sell used phones to other enthusiasts whom you'll not necessarily reach on eBay?

Nice to hear. If you want to sell i780, Im always glad to buy another one.


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Nov 8, 2008
tired first wm6.1 update via mirage ( as iwanted to upgrade to marvell6.5) stock was 6.1 french ...
eboot failed ( checksum error) ... now phone is bricked , does not start ( just black blankscreen )
please help !!!!!

my system is win7 32bit , maybe mirage didnt supported it

---------- Post added at 09:09 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:02 AM ----------

Here is full pdxib1 update in parts for Mirage updater (Mirage LV, md5hashcheker incl.).

Read this before flashing:

Use appropriate files for sections in Mirage otherwise you can kill bootloader or kill phone part by flashing wrong sections!!!
Also check downloaded files if download is not corrupted by MD5Hash with MD5filechecker.

PXIB1eboot.nb0 (MD5hash 8B8208EC5A91AA41A9D559DD73A5296B) - is set to EBOOT section
PDXIB1ROM.bin (MD5Hash 156EBBE10D25BF07FD3D44A09EABFBFB) -is set to PDA section
PDXIB1phone.bin (MD5hash CC5CB50A873D37C7F4EEB3D78D5D7B6F) -is set to Phone section.
Note: for flashing of Phone part you need to install SAMSUNG MODEM DRIVER, thats included. You have to install modem drivers once-dont install if have it installed already.
Insure thats "update phone bootloader" is ticked "ON".
Start flashing. Hardreset is not necessary.
* you can also flash those files separately. Need to perform Hardreset after. If you flash bootloader only - you have to pull out battery before switching on.
* if you flash any ROM file, like offical or custom only - always keep "update phone bootloader part" ON.

hello ,
i tried to update with abouve said instructions ,
but mirage errorede as checksum failed and now device is bricked , its just blank screen , cant hard reset , can only goto emg mode ...
please help
screenshot link
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    WM 6.5 Build 2011

    Introducing final version of Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic for SGH-i780.
    Based on official rom release of sgh-i907 (Epix).
    Best renew for 2011 for powerfull device!!!
    Thanx to people who supported me in my work on forum and for Christmas gift to Zattevrienden. Im very appreciated, may be if not you, this ROM will never come true.

    Software included:
    -Standart MS WM 6.5 Professional;(not included to do not waste space:MY Phone, ADC, Money :),Welcome. Transcriber and Voicecommander I will post with cabs later),
    -Extra MS Office 2010 (from b7350).
    Ported and fixed:
    -Samsung i907 OEM (june 2010):photoslides, ContentsManager,MMS, Java, RSS reader,Alarm, Smart Converter, Stopwatch,Anniversary, Tip Calculator, World Clock. Drivers.
    -Samsung m480: Nice taskmanager , Fn keylauncher.
    -Symbolic keyboard on button "AU" (from b7350),
    -DNS(r2vs)driver with awesome sound options (from b7350),
    -Home screen customiser with own plugins for titanium.
    -HTC Taskmanager -X- button.-
    Made in home:
    - brightness fix - highest level /lowest level, timeout for keyboard brightness, no more dimm at low battery.
    - Popup on Power button hold,
    - USB choise on connect.
    - Keyboard. More buttons to select.
    - Removed all security warnings/limitations.
    - other Easter eggs =P
    Pagepool 12mb.

    Most important:
    This is 128 DPI ROM!!!
    RESET after first boot. Do not hardreset.
    Enjoy ;)

    Link to rom -filesystem XPR compression (as of original) FAST
    Link to LZX rom (incl. automatic exe uploader. No PDXIB1 update needed) - filesystem LZX (about 170 mb free) SLOWER.

    Video Call fix for nonLZX
    For someoone who has troubles with new backlight settings Fix
    Keyboard backlight new customisation and camerafix

    Additional packages:
    New Samsung dialer from Omnia Pro4(b7350) modded

    MS Voice Commander
    HTC Commanager

    Hardware keyboards supported for this rom in attachments. Russian, German, French, Nordic.

    more screenshots

    & and pls dont flood this thread with questions that google&xda already has answers. Thanx again ;)

    hoping didnt forget anything =)
    Finally SUMMER TEST is done. Now its Windows Phone ROM.
    I think this is finish for ROMs. ROM is 128 DPI But you can install 96 DPI cab included. Other cabs follow too.
    i780wm653_100811 Compression XPR(factory)
    A little change log to prev. version:
    - another usb driver/bat driver fix: charge always when usb plugged, new mode to use as modem from PC (diagnoctic port for qualcomm avail. for QPST).
    - GPS fixed - no portsplitter needed, Tomtom working (check options).
    - touch: fully lock of touchscreen option (if you have ts problems can be useful), lock touch during call option workin now 100%.
    - Power off fixed, Power off popup bug fixed.
    - keyboard: mapped button AU on hold (joystick app by default), button shift is now works as MS shift too, button CRTL on hold launches symbols app, fixed silent mode with Space hold.
    - new modern mouse pointers.
    - fixed music playback in suspend for HTC Audio player.
    - taskbar icons added: BT, headset, GPS.
    - included original sound driver with soundutility (for who doesnt like i907 current driver or wants to use soundutility to boost some engineerings values. not active by default-use options).
    - fixed volume in sound driver i907.
    - sound modes with freq. change for headset(R2VS) patched to work with speaker too.
    - built in main 96dpi resources (not active).
    - added font from WP7 (replased system font)
    - other patches that i dont remember now and software addons.

    Flashing note:
    Device should to be updated to IB1 firmware. If you already have BOOT and PHONE IB1 then use Mirage to flash this Custom Rom. Otherwise update with full official PDXIB1 update (BOOT+PDA+PHONE) before flashing this Rom.
    After first boot read and follow instructions on screen!
    After installing of 96DPI pack apply theme Classic Blue 96PDI included to pack manually. All themes of 96 DPI are compatible with QVGA.
    96DPi conversion can NOT be uninstalled!
    !!!HOW TO FLASH TUTORIAL!!! by Edmun. Read before flashing!!!
    !!!!!!WARNING to all ROM's 2011-2012 year regarding speaker damage due high volume.!!!! !!!!

    13/01/12 VIDEO REVIEW OF WM6.5.3 "MARVELL DREAM 2" 96DPI by EDMUN!!! Contacts app from video
    RECOMMENDED!!! -Updated 19/02/12 WWE WM 6.5.1"Classic" is back with "MARVELL DREAM" OEM " 806MHZ here
    04/01/12 ITA WM 6.5.3" MARVELL DREAM 2 " 806MHZ here
    03/01/12 WWE WM 6.5.3" MARVELL DREAM 2 " 806MHZ going to final. (96/128DPI) versions.
    29/12/11 The Last of the Mohicans. About i780.
    20/12/11 Latest versions and patches, localizations
    22/11/11 WM 6.5.3 release 21/11/11 128 DPI "MARVELL DREAM". i780 PXA311-*806MHZ. WWE.

    Above 806MHZ
    Below 624MHZ

    10/08/11wm 6.5 .3 Finale WWE/CHS 128 DPI / 96DI pack lite
    20/06/11wm 6.5 .3 Testings season Update 4 WWE/CHS 128 DPI (SCREENSHOTS)

    02/01/11 wm 6.5 "classic" Final WWE
    20/12/10 Release candidate 2 of wm 6.5 "classic" (based 19/07) (Portugal lang)
    Very big thanks to emydebbo who has donated for my rom! the only one but real and first donut and understanding for my free time and work! Italian rom has been dedicated
    09/09/10 Release candidate of wm 6.5 "classic" (based 19/07)
    26/08/10 28205 (23518) Hybrid REPACK.96DPI/28232 128 DPI REPACK. Mouse fixed
    25/07/10 Fixed keyboard driver from Epix. New options.
    24/07/10 96 DPI pack for wm 6.5 "classic"
    22/07/10 96 DPI Ultimate and future releases wishes and developing goes to new thread started by Hashtowent. Be welcome
    19/07/10 First beta release of wm 6.5 "classic" version, based on Epix official update. Mouse fixed. 128 dpi .
    26/06/10 96dpi beta HTCzed Link (mouse bug present yet)
    22/03/10 128 dpi version released.(mouse bug present yet)
    earlier 96 dpi version released.

    WM 6.5.3
    Ver.: 96DPI-28205(23519) Hybrid REPACK v2.2 Video: Thx to Edmun!

    128DPI-28232-128DPI REPACK

    DPI: 96,128
    Lang: WWE (English)
    Compr.: LZX
    Page pool: 10 mb
    KNOWN BUGS: Mouse bug
    H/W keyboard: Mulilang in attached cabs
    Videocall: working (by default)

    -epix drivers: fixed mouse/screen + sound + touch + bt drivers with support of audiogateway for bt mono headsets;
    -added HTC Audiomanager;
    -HTC black theme;

    Thank you guys for support and help! Download links below.

    This build contains Hack program. Inappropriate usage of it can damage your device!!!. Backup device before using it and try it on your responsibilty.

    Before you test my ROM you will HAVE TO FLASH FULL OFFICIAL PDXIB1 update to avoid bricking your device after your previous installed ROM!
    Also if you expect any strange errors, hangs or hardresets apply this update cos some of i780 device hav "Easter egg" inside and are able to get bricked shortly after those symtoms.

    1. OFFICIAL UPDATOR PDXIB1 exe Patched for "Low battery" and "Incorrect version" warnings.


    2.OFFICIAL PDXIB1 UPDATE in parts for MIRAGE uploader HERE. Mirage uploader for new roms.

    UP: NOTICE for Repack roms!!!: Delete cfgfingermouse link from windows/startup. Its remained from prevoius version, now causes 4-way pad not working.
    128DPI version Contents Manager fix (can be used for 96DPI if you want samsung's contents manager to view photos, video, pdf) i780 Contents manager
    >>LINK << REPACK 128DPI
    But one "But" :rate and leave your opinion after tying on this post. Thanx.

    More wm 6.5.x versions from other ROM makers:

    Font fix for EAST input for WWE:here or here for roms from 08/2011

    FYI: Post will be updated only with new significant windows updates. Not for every release. Please be patient.

    OLD (13/12/2009):
    Ver.: 28008
    HARDWARE: SGH i780/XIB1(some from omnia)
    DPI: 96 (other available soon)
    Lang: WWE (English)
    Compr.: LZX/XPR(original by samsung)
    Memory free: 179/70mb (LZX), 170/70mb (XPR)
    Page pool: 12mb
    KNOWN BUGS: Videocall not available (fix soon), Mouse bug.

    Hardware keyboard default is: english. You can change easy layout of harware keyboard by installing according cab included to this post.
    Software is full from MS ( game Bubblebr. incl.) besides Custom MS: Money, Weather, Voicecom. All Samsung soft is deleted besides: Alarms, ObexFtp, MiniPlayer,SmartConv,Zoomer. Addons: Adobe reader LE(from HTCdt2 6.5),PocketRAR, i780cursor, Lockscreen, Touchresponse, Stoptimer and other..
    Fixed Resco Exporer vs 6.5.3 issue, button "x" long press closes programs, added Comm bar and Titamium bar to Chome, Smaller Sams.task manger, no certificates needed for and programs to install. GPS, processor and flash card are hardware a bit boosted but have no use of common tweaks.
    Just simplier.
    Compressed with LZX allows to increase storage memory space by compressing harder of system files,negative side- ROM is slower! XPR compression is normal provided as in original ROM by Samsung, ROM size is bigger> less free file space available.
    17/12 Where to find city code for Weather plugin. Go to search for your city. For example Beijing (China), its prompts in adress:|CN|CH002|BEIJING Code is : ASI|CN|CH002|BEIJING
    Please report bugs.



    LINK with Chinese support 96dpi XPR

    i780_Flashing_Guide 0.9-untested for working for XP.Untested for Vista/win7. Report for improvements.

    H/W Keyboard cabs: New!!!
    new!! Num and Caps lock indicator in taskbar (only for default layout keyboard)

    addons getrab's battery view enhancer in % (1 step=10 %)
    Plugins for Titanium(i have adapted for 320x320):
    Facebook (needs facebook installed)
    Program Launcher

    Pls support my work if you like to: > >PAYPAL< <
    Happy New Year 2012 dear i780 lucky owners!

    MARVELL DREAM2 WM 6.5.3 128DPi& 96DPI conversion/WWE 806MHZ. Latest ROM is going to final:
    1. Mirage (flashing bin)20/12/11 that you may have already
    Download +WifiFix+ TCPMPSkin
    96DPI conversion:
    96 DPI pack
    2. All-in-one EXE updator (BOOT+PDA) 03/01/12 based on 20/12/11 rebuilt with Wifi fix and TCPMP skin.
    96DPI conversion included in archive.

    CHS fonts support

    Further 1)Im intend to update wm 6.5.1 versions to marvell dream.
    2) To make localizations....
    i780 stays updated thanx to you!
    Rom 806mhz

    i780 PXA311-*806MHZ. WM 6.5.3 release 21/11/11 128 DPI WWE/***CHS . incl. prev. release2 and prev. release1

    -Improved stability;
    -Improved filesystem;
    -Improved CPU speed 624MHZ is no more!!!:
    3 CPU profiles ( auto:speedstep1/speedstep2/speedstep3).
    --POWER SAFE (Extra power save. Lowered voltages) - 155/312/520MHZ;
    --**NORMAL-DEFAULT- (Normal usage. Default voltage. Smooth and responsible)- 208/416/728MHZ;
    --OVERDOZE (Gaming, Increased voltage,power usage extreme. wasnt tested for long) - 260/520/806 MHZ. Added 22/11: Overdoze mode is lasting more than day on 1 battery cycle with WIFI, mailing, surfing, calling.

    I havn't disabled speedstep1/speedstep2, cos without them battery usage became very high.

    * Native overclocking is based on patched original processor speedstep driver of i780 by code from MS sources for PXA320 devices
    ** Default profile on i780 was 208/416/624mhz.

    Mirage bin
    Full exe updator

    HTC Menu fix for WkTask
    If you cant get Wifi "on" once.

    ***Asian fonts support from this post
    TCPMP player (shows CPU speed)

    Please dont forget about your second battery and external battery charger =)
    Enjoy and dont forget that extreme overclocking can damage hardware.
    But this is not HTC or any new Samsung Galaxy so you dont have to worry much about with good quality device.
    Anyway take care fo it!;)