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[SHARE] Android 12 beta 3.1 port | Jay's rom

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FreshlyBaked 420

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Nov 10, 2014
OnePlus 6T
OnePlus 8 Pro
It does, however they don't work. That's why I asked my question.
Try here

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Jun 4, 2007
Does anyone know how to make a twrp flashable zip of this rom that can be flashed from the A11 version of twrp in this thread?

I checked the bat files from the zip and the "flash with wipe" batch file and "flash dirty" batch file are exactly the same. It also says in the readme that it installs a decrypted only version of twrp based on Android 10 instead of the latest version. I like my current setup and would rather use a twrp I know works in case I need to restore.

I don't have/want telegram so don't have the means to ask there......


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Aug 24, 2010
Huawei Watch 2
OnePlus 8
I included all the links to the official TG group and credited the maker for this in my post. Will gladly remove this IF it's a big problem. Since there is an open TG group and you can discuss things there, i think its not a problem.

Saw in the group that other members talked about this post as well, i asked the same thing there but yet no response.
Is try to keep the main points in here otherwise there will be questions asked whereas they've been answered in Telegram.

Just a thought.

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    Ok i installed the Port and is up and running: Data, SMS, MMS works so it does 5G, VoLTE and WiFi calling on T-Mobile U.S. ; i have refresh rate at 120 (really smooth) Finger Print doesn't work, all we have for now is Pattern lock, everything seems perfectly aligned for the OP8Pro but the carrier name on lock screen, Gpay doesn't work out of the box so maybe Magisk can fix that. Google assistant screening call feature works, Bluetooth works. The main issue for me so far is the fact that i can't find a solution for the camera to work and the pausing issue with media playback, otherwise the rom works. If somebody here found a solution can you please share guys. Thanks, here are some shots of my experience with this rom so far
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    Oswald Boelcke
    Senior Moderator
    Update from this ROM:

    Pixel 5 - Android 12 Beta 5

    📱OnePlus 8 Series


    All previous Beta specific issues (such as broken UI or missing A12 UI) seems to be fixed now by Google


    Android 12 Beta 5 - OnePlus 8 Pro V2

    Android 12 Beta 5 - OnePlus 8 Support Package

    Android 12 Beta 5 - OnePlus 8T Support Package

    Use this to flash 8T Package - Thanks to Pajas Raj

    I tried using full Pixel 5 A12 vendor but it seems like Google nuked majority of qti stuff (like Samsung) and it only bootlooped without logs so for now we're just going to use our current vendor.

    8T call issue still isn't fixed as I don't really have any idea what could be causing it (other than redoing a clean vendor port) so for now it is what it is.. I'll try to do a full clean vendor specifically for 8T when stable A12 is out.


    Credits to Jay, as usual.
    FOD doesn't work and according to Jay it wont work untill OP releases an official Android 12 version.

    Flash with MSM tool. Provide us with screenshots of the port please?
    Flashed beta 4 on Thursday and have been running since.

    As mentioned there is no finger print unloack and no 5 G but GPay works fine as does contactless payments.

    Battery usage is pretty high but managable. Posted some screen shots but not exactly sure what you was looking for.

    For now I will carry on using it as aprt from the screen lock its usable as my main phone.

    Installed GCam app for the camera and that is working with no problem.
    Hi guys,

    I stumbled upon a Android 12 beta 3.1 port. Is from Jay's ROMs and i want to share it with you. Download here:

    Pixel 5 - Android 12 Beta 3.1 - SPB3

    📱OnePlus 8/8Pro/8T


    Updated to Beta 3.1
    Added tiny fixes to script
    Added Experimental 8T Support
    Added potential VoLTE Fixes
    (thanks to pirate/henlo/oofgang?)


    Android 12 Beta 3.1 - OnePlus 8 Pro - Mega.nz

    Android 12 Beta 3.1 - OnePlus 8 Support Package - Mega.nz

    Android 12 Beta 3.1 - OnePlus 8T Support Package - Mega.nz

    Use this to flash 8T Package - Thanks to Pajas Raj

    Note: 8T has squeaking calls. Should be fixed in next release

    Don't forget to be on Slot A + OB11 Base!


    As i said: i am not the maintainer neither the maker of this rom, i just link to it.
    {Mod edit}