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[share] FIUI ROM - geehrc - cm11- 4.4.4

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    just found this ROM and thought you might like it too :)

    Source: http://bbs.sonyue.com/thread-100769-1-1.html

    what FIUI is: http://www.fiui.org/
    translated by google:
    01-25 Update:
    FIUI beta2.7.0 update log:
    Added 1+ crack Unicom phone built 3G, 4G patch, including the entire package and OTA, thanks Mading Long Pig (beta)
    Upgrade 1+ camera for cm11s camera
    Update google chrome and Services
    Repair call details automatically return to the desktop after deleting a record issue
    Fixes some cases lead to SystemUI constant speed display FC issue
    Dropzone repair speed displayed as M / s, display problems
    FiuiIcon repair some files in a syntax error
    Mi2 mi3 new display logic for a specific speed, solve floating window and the status bar is not accurate speed real problem
    SystemUI optimized code, improve power
    Optimized dual status bar icon shows the signal (dual sim dual display, single card single significant)
    Optimize virtual key phone martial Q biography other games not full screen problem
    Optimization of Google Music, remove the notification bar tips
    Due to the large demand of fans, the temporary option to temporarily put the battery inside Accessibility
    Click on the phone system upgrade after the jump to the official website to download interface FIUI

    FIUI beta2.6.0 update log:
    New Fantasy Status Bar functionality - Adaptive desktop wallpaper and lock screen colors, fonts and icons automatically change color
    Added a color 1.2 plus phone underlying files without brush into the bottom package to solve the problem Shuisi
    The system font is updated to Android L font
    Removing the first time you open Accessibility prompted to install the screen reader popups
    Fantasy change the status bar operating mechanism, optimized to reduce the power consumption of
    Optimization calculator uses immersive status bar and some computational logic
    Optimization "recent tasks" in the absence of background programs, displays a prompt font size
    Optimization "recent mission" to kill the whole logic (except for important programs SMS, clock, etc., all the rest of the software using a strong killing process)
    Fix "the recent mission" to kill the whole, still display the clock, text messaging and other software bug
    The problem continues to display the prompt repair calculator constantly click on the "=" post
    Dual card machine repair status bar open network speed issues FC
    Immersive under repair status bar mode, pull down the status bar status bar transparency issues
    Repair lock screen status bar clock can not be hidden problems
    Cleaned up the system after the repair application is opened again the issue of the application cleaned "last mission" is still displayed
    Repair status bar speed and speed floating window appears as 0KB / s problems under certain circumstances
    Speed ​​fix the problem Dropzone window layout can not be removed
    Repair and other models dial dislocation problem m8
    New adaptive single card / dual cards for developers to modify the layout of the status bar
    Modify some 480p image resource for developers
    Please experience the rest of the details on their own
    Based on the latest version of FIUI2.7.0 CM11 transplant
    repair F200 black screen brightness lowest BUG
    repair F200 extinguished in about 10 seconds the screen lights up but clicking The BUG
    default off automatic brightness
    turned off by default auto-rotation
    option to modify the wording of the choice of language
    is reduced to streamline redundant language settings, volume size frame
    finished LU6200 / SU640's NitroParts set
    SU640 gravity repair malfunctioning BUG
    other models No new updates All models synchronized official updates

    ------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------
    01-22 Update:
    Based on the latest version of CM11 transplant FIUI2. 6.0
    New models of transplantation LG F200
    F200 bottom package using Xuehu large CM11 last edition
    update package for transplant F200 bottom CM11-M12
    repair due to migration leading to automatic brightness too dark BUG
    F200 additional updates with the following additional models Updates

    01-11 Update: Based on the latest version of CM11 transplant FIUI2.5.0
    FIUI beta2.4.0 update log:
    Added status bar precise speed display
    New recorder comes with playback component
    Optimization "recent mission" to kill the program logic, rule out the necessary procedures input, alarm clock, etc.
    Optimization calculator interface and input logic
    Dialpad some pictures resource optimization
    Lack of resources to repair Recorder
    Fix "the recent mission" a key clean pop super-user request interface problems
    Every time you open Settings pop repair superuser privileges granted problem
    Repair Settings in super user interface issues a list of all white
    Repair of individual applications incomplete picture of the problem lay resources
    Removal of cross-screen function calculator
    Please experience the rest of the details on their own
    FIUI beta2.3.0 update log:
    Added speed floating window function, speed accuracy rate LBE level support to move anywhere on the screen, on the record to support the position once turned on, in the "Settings - Display", select Open or closed
    Repair part number or landline phone number come and come and go electric attribution to lead the FC interface bug
    Repair on the phone baseband version misaligned problem
    Repair virtual keys SMS settings back button at the bottom of the interface without bug
    Fix "recently Tasks" icon disappear bug
    Above the repair does not show recent calls dial interface issues
    After setting the interface returns to repair the chances of the bug can not keep the last mission
    Optimization "recent mission" to kill the whole function and thorough process 100% kill program
    Optimized logic dialpad buttons exhaled
    Optimize the response speed of the bottom bar
    Response Optimization main screen gesture fell outgoing notification pulldown
    Please experience the rest of the details on their own

    FIUI beta2.2.1 update log:
    Repair part of the landline number to call InCallUI fc bug
    Repair personalization options do not appear in the desktop option bug
    The percentage of power shutdown to restart after repair failure bug
    Dial-up settings options dislocation bug fixes
    12-11 Update:

    Based on the latest version of CM11 transplant FIUI2.1.0
    replaced with a new package to end graft
    can not wake up after a repair call black BUG (self-testing, no problem after I tested)
    Repair dial interface dial key BUG misplaced
    boot wizard to modify the interface for white bold italic font of all changes to the normal font display

    ------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------
    12 -09 Update:
    Based CM11 forward transplant FIUI2.0.1
    repair problems gravity reversed
    wake difficult to repair, Shuisi problem
    suddenly stuck to repair and restart of the BUG
    repair caused no signal transplant
    graft repair set lead - Developer options FC
    transplant repair lead The lock screen and then open the screen systemui FC
    add google browser and flash back of the BUG repair
    replace modify the new calendar
    to modify the layout of the new recorder

    for FIUI official following updates:

    FIUI beta2.1.0 update log:
    Added recorder adapter (audio file browse button fc's presence on M8 and N5, which is the complete package was discovered uploading bug, do not re-packet, and follow-up will get the update fixes)
    Added several small icon in the status bar adapter (may not be perfect, perfect adaptation will continue to follow)
    New personalized interface settings interface
    New lock screen wallpaper changer entrance
    New desktop to bring up the notification bar slipped gesture
    Remove the shortcut icon NFC
    Optimized color calculator keys
    Optimized 1080p boot animation
    Optimized layout size calculator keys
    Optimization algorithm fantasy status bar color
    FC repair due to numerical overflow calculator
    Repair laying integrity shortcut button layout settings
    Repair mobile network settings still black layout bug
    Repair options 1+ gesture black layout bug
    Virtual key layout bug fixes dislocation
    Fixes bug IOUs top part of the program interface
    Fixes bug desktop icon will appear double
    Fixes a bug in SystemUI FC
    For M8, double-click the wake-up function
    More details of the optimization, make the experience itself

    FIUI beta2.0.1 update log:
    Emergency Repair mobile network setup options to enter the FC bug
    Repair 1+ default camera does not show the problem
    Because overnight rushing, bad state of mind, leading to packet error mistakenly deleted files, leading to this bug, this is very sorry.

    FIUI beta2.0.0 update log:
    Upgrade for CM11 4.4.4 Source
    Join T9 dialing support (attribution later versions added)
    You need to join developer mode
    Join the menu button, home button Custom Function settings (only entity key phone)
    By clicking on the status bar operators to enter engineering mode
    Adding more memory to display the Task Manager, and depending on the hardware memory size, automatically change the statistical units
    Join the conversation recording function (audio file is saved by default sdcard / CallRecordings)
    Join notification filter (long press notification in the notification bar exhaled menu option, after adding the filter in the "Settings - Security and location - notification filter" to view, remove, turn off the notification filter will filter out the whole "type," but. does not block the application. For example, Tao Bao give me a push notification ads, I was filtered, and then later as long as the same type of notification will be blocked to the block list, and my shipping notification may not belong to this type, I would still be able to receive to.)
    Update calculator UI interface and functionality
    Update shortcut buttons to adjust the default sort
    Update nearly 200 application icon support
    Optimized dialing application, problem solving FC
    Fantasy Status bar code optimization, and smoother color
    UI optimization of resources, modify some ICON, problem solving Burr
    Optimize the lock screen, smoother
    Optimizing more to do in their own experience
    Dual desktop icon bug fixes
    Under certain circumstances the desktop fixes a bug FC
    Repair time clock edit mode discoloration problem
    Alarm clock repair show bias problem 10 minutes
    FC fixes a bug cause several SystemUI
    Many bug fixes beta group feedback
    Fix more to do in their own experience
    Please experience the rest of the details on their own

    download the latest version from here: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hqIMST2
    password: rs8q
    I tested it on my e975. Little bit like flymeos from meizu phones

    Gesendet von meinem E975 / Optimus G mit Tapatalk
    06.01.2015 FIUI 2.4 released. OP updated.
    UPDATE: 21.12.2014
    latest CM11 changes+ bug fixes.
    full zip: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1sjkD9e9
    password: mha4
    OTA update from v2.2.1: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1nt9imWp
    password: 6hfi