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General Share Rom Black Shark 4 - 4 Pro | Global Rom - China Rom

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Senior Member
Dec 3, 2015
Hello, what is the latest update, I have the mp3 Global, and the system application called updates has broken so I do not get new updates, if someone gives me the global apk it would be great 🙏😥


New member
Dec 14, 2021
can anyone fill in the latest indonesian ota update. i don’t want google dialer and sms. i want this dialer and sms

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    Deleted member 11468695
    Hello, nice to see you again in a new thread.
    I hope that all of you, as a non-specialist user, please do not arbitrarily interfere with the device without specific instructions from us. However, you are the hardworking bees that will help us a lot.
    Every time the device says an update, go to file manager - internal storage - ota_package and copy that file to another folder, then share it here for everyone to reuse.
    I have now copied the MP4 version of the china rom - Black Shark 4, and am happy to share it here.
    Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sXhbaeqUUUGYn7PSRqQgVl9-UKaH7G9x/view?usp=sharing
    I just received my Black Shark 4 (Global). It came with the MP0 patch.
    I got both the MP1 and MP2 patches.
    Since no one posted the MP1 patch anywhere (AFAIK), I'm attaching it to this message.
    I hope this is useful to someone.
    Thanks for sharing. hopefully you can share unlocking and twrp soon. By the way, so the china Rom is at MP4 now? while global Rom has just released the MP1. way too delayed.
    Deleted member 11468695
    Please contact my personal fb, I will assist you with this problem.
    Thats not a solution. You need to install Google Services Framework 11 to get the full Google experience, chat updates etc. But version 11 is blocked to be installed by default (or by law in that sense)
    I read somewhere that you can install everything, and all apps will work fine except google pay, is that true?