Share which headphones you are using with your P500/V etc.


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Oct 30, 2010
I'm back here, because along time i just sell my p500 and yesterday i buy this P500 my first phone with android for 24$ from my friend :))

Share with us which headphones you are using, or love to use with your Optimus One/V etc.

Anything you want to add like-
-> Headphone
-> Why?
-> Music App you use
-> Equalizer with Settings
-> etc

For me i am using my new headset Jvc HA-FX1X-E Xtreme Xplosive i pay just 37$ :D

Why? because has a best quality and deep bass.

Music app? hmm for now i'm using stock player for now.

Eq? from CM7

What about you?
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