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Feb 27, 2011
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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Jul 2, 2013
Unfortunately I read a lot of opinions about very low quality, gentle leather in original leather cover. Similar to year back version for S22U which I had.
So anybody use/used cover from Torro manufacture?


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Oct 11, 2010
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Doesn't look easily.. xD
Cant speak for the Sammy clear case, but I made the mistake of buying the Sammy leather case with my credit. Total pain in the ass to take off. What is worse it does not play well will screen protectors. It wraps around too closely to the edge of the stupid curved screen and lifts the screen protector. It managed to destroy two Ringke wrap around protectors within 2 weeks, and then lifted a glass screen protector in 3 days. I have switched to the Spigen clear case with the Spigen neofilm. So far so good, though I suspect that the moment I want to take the case off for cleaning I will have to apply another screen protectors. Those curved egdes are a total PITA and a pointless bit of engineering that achieves nothing but add cost and degrade the user experience.
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Oct 11, 2010
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Anybody have leather cover from samsung?
How quality is this case?
I read posts about very hard take off but fit very good thanks it.
Is it true?
Now I have UAG Plyo and it's very good case but I have leather cover in my fold 2 and my feeling is very nice - smell real leather ;)
Used light grey leather cover in s22U but corners wiped out fast.
I have it and advise against getting it. Taking it off is difficult but you will not have to take it off too much so I think this is a non issue. The bigger problem is that the edge of the case wraps too much around the edge of the screen and does not play well with screen protectors. The camera lens openings in the back are a perfect fit for the naked lenses, if you put lens protectors on the fit is uncomfortably tight. I am also pretty rough on my cases and after 3 weeks there was noticeable wear of the color and surface of the case, particularly the edges. Would not recommend it if you have to pay money for it.
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Jun 17, 2009
Wichita Falls, Texas
I've stuck to my go to case on the S23 Ultra, Otterbox Defender Pro. Some say it's old technology, too expensive but since I get 3 new flagships every 2 years I can't see putting a $1,300.00 phone in a $10.00 case. Been using Otterbox since around 2009 and have NEVER cracked a screen or broken a phone.


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Mar 6, 2011
Puyallup, WA
I received a Caseborne for my S23. I had it on for a couple weeks and yesterday I decided to take it out of the case and clean it up some. I noticed I had a crack on the back edge half way between the power button and the bottom corner. I'm positive the crack was not there prior.

I also can't put blame on the case, as I don't see anything that would cause it to crack in that area.

I did drop my phone a couple of times but only from waste high and it looked like the case did its job and the phone just bounced a little and the ground was flat cement. Nothing that my prior S22 or any phone in a case would have survived just fine.

I do suspect it broke while in my pocket while at work from me sitting on a hard surface while fixing a Customers machine.

So, anyways, even though you have it in a case, regardless of the caseit can still break.

I just had to pay the deductible and I recieved my new phone over night.


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Nov 3, 2015
Spigen liquid Air cases have been my go to everyday case for the past 3 or 4 Samsung phones. Something about the balance between protection, weight/profile and the feel of the pattern is just really nice to me

However, I've also bought the Caseology Nano Pop & although a bit bulkier than the Liquid Air and smooth across most of the case, it does feel really nice too & there are grippy sections on the sides, in just the right places, so you have confidence when holding it. I got black/sesame to go with my Graphite S23U (not that you can tell under the case!), but also going to order the Blue/yellow as well & think these will become my everyday cases.

I've also got the Samsung official rugged gadget case & like the overall design, colours & practicality of it, but find the lanyard loop really annoying, to the point I've not properly used the case outdoors, even though there are time I could use the kickstand (which feels sturdy & premium imo). I saw elsewhere someone had "cut" their loop off, but I wondering if it'll spoil the remaining outside of the corner of the case (from a practical stand point, encourage greater corner wear etc). I'm not sure if I crudely cut it off, what I could do to protect or even seal (if thats the right term) the plastic underneath...?


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Apr 17, 2016
I keep buying different cases, but in the end I find the original Samsung cases the best, especially the leather one.
I've tried many cases in the past, particularly in the context of since Samsung changed their camera design so that the phone rocks quite obviously when placed on its back (?since S21 Ultra). The vast majority of cases have either been too bulky for my liking, still rocks the phone when placed on its back, and/or not grippy enough.

I settled on the Latercase for my S21 Ultra, as I really liked the slimness (basically unbeatable - you literally can't get it much thinner/lighter than that case) on an already relatively bulky/heavy phone. However, it was far from perfect - due to being so thin/light, the case can't prevent the rocking when placed on its back. Secondly, protection is very minimal, so it makes you somewhat nervous placing the phone down any where in any way!

I literally got the Samsung leather case (black) for free with my S23 Ultra - I would get any case for free regardless, so I simply ordered the more/most expensive Samsung case I could find that I might actually like. I was pleasantly surprised how good the case has been, and had forgotten what it's like not having the phone rock at all on its back. It's definitely bulkier than the Latercase, but still slim enough not to affect things in any negative way for me in everyday use (for example, I can still use the phone one-handed easily enough, including texting/messaging, I guess thanks to having relatively large hands, and it fits/slides in my pocket easily enough etc). I also forgot how nice it is to have a slightly more "protected feeling" compared to ultra-minimalist design of the Latercase.

Taking off the leather case is indeed difficult, but actually gets easier after several times doing it (it's actually similarly difficult to taking off the Latercase, and there's a method to do it so it's quite easy actually). I've also been pleasantly surprised by how grippy the case can get, especially when hands are not completely dry/cold. I actually think the grip is getting better with time as the leather slowly wears. I haven't noticed any issues with discolouration that some people are reporting, but perhaps because I have the black case. I'd suggest to those people to try firmly cleaning those areas and see if the discolouration is actually due to some "staining" effect.

In summary, I'm not sure if a case can get much better than the Samsung leather case in terms of being as thin as possible AND having absolutely no rocking on a flat surface.

The only aspect I don't like about the leather case so far is how the 3x camera is completely surrounded by the case - this is obviously a good thing in terms of protection, but is actually a bad thing in terms of increased dust collection rate. I had the same issue with the Latercase, and basically any case design like that (seems to be quite popular now) will have this issue. Probably the most optimal way to reduce the dust collection rate (while still maintaining a good degree of 3x camera lens protection) in this context is to have the 3x camera part "open" with the Flash LED and Laser AF, which I think many cases from Spigen have.
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Aug 19, 2021
my recommendation: Go Naked! Love your device naked and get an insurance so you have the protection ;)


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Sep 19, 2011
Caseology (amazon)

Pros :
- slim
- clear glass ( nice for decals, I have the something decal)
- Grip on the side (very useful for this big phone)
- Cheap
- Air gap in the corners (for ''air cushion)
- no cheap feel.
- edge protection (hard with UV glued glasses)

Cons :
- the ''black'' version is more charcoal.
- Volume button in 1 piece.
- Decrease the clickyness quality.
- 3 trial to get the cover on without lifting the UV glued glass. Found a way : need to insert the phone from the largest side first, not from the top or bottom.
- rock on the table. Not bad as naked, but the camera pump is not 100% flat. However the phone is very usable on a flat surface.


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    Nice I like transparent case for see color device like you. Only I am wonder about change color or not this case after weeks or months like similar for example spigen lquid cristal.
    I've had this case since i got my phone. No yellowing so far and none expected because this is not TPU (the soft material most clear cases are made from), it's completely made of hard polycarbonate (which does't undergo discoloration easily). Although I expect that it will pick up scratches over time with constant placement on hard surfaces - that's just how abrasion works...

    Another disadvantage of using 100% hard material (PC) for a case is that being very stiff, you cannot make a case that provides all around protection, hence the case is partially open at the bottom. Without this, it would be impossible to get the case onto the phone without breaking one of them.

    However, it shows off the phone color beautifully and is built very well. Hard to take off till you figure out the correct way (Samsung actually provides clear instructions on how to remove it)

    It is one of my 4 go-to cases that i use for weekly rotation depending on how "showy" I'm feeling :p
    Is there a non transparent magsafe case? I already have a transparent one, but wants to have 2 cases. Is it possible to add magsafe to the Spigen tough armour?
    You can add magsafe to some cases (non slippery ones) with a metal ring

    ESR has a whole range of magsafe-mimetic accesories called the "halo-lock"

    Spigen also has its own range called MagFit

    Available on Amazon
    I ordered a Latercase today to see what a minimalist case is all about. Expectations are low; will offer an opinion after I receive it.
    My go to case is the dbrand grip and occasionally the Bellroy leather case.
    If you don't care much about protection, and only care about improving grip while keeping the phone as light/thin as possible, then the Latercase is by far the best case I'm aware of.
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    I'm sticking with the same Spigen Tough Armor I've had on every device I've had since I stopped using UAG cases that kept falling apart on my Android devices when I got my iPhone 8 Plus.

    I also really like that it has cutouts for each of the three main cameras because I've seen many people complain about getting junk caught in the rings on the S22 Ultra and since this is a Designed For Samsung case, it means that Spigen worked directly with Samsung to make it so it should be precision cuts everywhere. I also just really like the look of the individual camera rings as opposed to just having a chunk missing there.
    I'm not sure how much I like how open it is around the camera lenses. I can see the 4mm raised thickness is the reason why. You'd see the case when taking an ultrawide angle picture if the case was tight against the lenses like on the Monarch or Tough Armor. But I think I'd rather have a little less of a lip and have more coverage.
    Thank you for taking an engineer's eye to it and explaining to me why the case wouldn't have the lens covers that the S23 and S23+ versions do. That was bothering me. It is still bothering me. But the case protected my phone through multiple drunken drops last night so...
    Carbon fiber cases look sick, but I wonder what level of protection they offer? I have a generic transparent silicone cover on just right now, and it looks that it would bounce if I drop the phone accidentally.
    They do look good and add little bulk, but I bust my s21 ultra screen with one of these on. Provided no drop protection at the edges.
    The CaseBorne V has been an excellent case. Even though it's very rugged and protective, it still is light and works great with firm screen protector and rear camera glass protector. The sides have pattern to aid with grip. The back has built-in stand which also doubles as finger loop to hold the phone one-handed. Highly recommended!