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I am not by any means the developer or involved in any way with this ROM -- nor have I tested it (yet) -- but it supports surya[/karna?] officially so I reckon it deserves a thread at XDA-Devs; here it is...

LMODroid is a fully Google independent mobile OS based on Android Open Source Project.
The LibreMobileOS projects are all freely available with an OSI-approved open source license.

Avertised features:
  • App Lock: Lock away sensitive information with extra protection
  • Game Space: Dashboard providing UI for the Android Game Mode API
  • MicroG or GMS: Full compatibility with microG or official Google Play Services
  • Glide Keyboard: Gesture Typing on AOSP keyboard
  • Sounds UX: Incall-vibration, per SIM ringtone, per App volume, link ringtone and notification
  • Gestures: 3 finger swipe to screenshot, pocket mode, ambient display
  • Security; Scrambled PIN input, custom patten size, USB port control, enforced SELinux, DNS and connectivity check servers
  • Backup: Backup and restore Solution for application data to cloud or drive
  • Personalization: Full control over fonts, colors and UI customizations
Features/screenshots: https://libremobileos.com/lmodroid

Downloads: https://get.libremobileos.com/surya

Changelogs: https://get.libremobileos.com/surya/changes/

Source: https://git.libremobileos.com/LMODroid-Devices/device_xiaomi_surya

Currently, the latest LMODroid release is v3.3 from 2022-11-13.

Feel free to add further info...
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