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Jan 26, 2021

The full Android experience without Google Apps.

I am not developer in sence that I has developed this room. After throughfull testing around 20 rooms 9, 10 and 11, I found this room as most stable and working right out of box. As for now, Android 9 is outdated and 11th is full of bags and lacks stability. Out of Android 10 releases, Lineage OS is most polished and stable one, near to stock AOSP experience. Bunch of Gcams works with this room out of box, also Filmic pro, ANX and others. So far, only 60 fps video recording is abcent, which is not big matter. Via Magisk modules, I managed to achieve 24 bit high resourses audio play back with this room, without losing stability, which is more then enough for me. Also Dolby Atomos and Viper work flavlessly.

Since my device has only 2 gb ram, and also becouse I don't like Google look behind my sholder on everything I do, I decided to go for MicroG as Gaps replacement. Afrer trying set up Microg via Magisk module and otherwise, and experiencing numerous problems, I finally found a room which has them implemented by default: room Features

Since this room is not on xda Redmi7 forum, I decided to share its link with others, who have similar problems, like me. All credit goes to the original developers and modifiers. Download link: Download

Note: Tested on Orange Fox recovery 11.03 and Magisk 20.4.

Installation: Back up your data, such as files and downloads form inbuilt memory card. After moving to this room from Mooke 10, I have at last to format my data, since directory structure got coorupted after flashing LOS 17 (all files on inbuilt sd card were lost as sequence). From Orange Fox recovery wipe caches, system, vendor and data. Then perform formating of data. Flash the room. Flash Magisk 20.4 if you want root access. Default LOS kernel is pretty OK, but it doesn't have fast charge. I personally use SiLonT-Kernel V11.0.11 | 29/12/2020 (later build gives system error). Do not flash oficial Lineage OS updates over this room, since both has differnt signatures.
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Thanks to moderator of this thread for correcting some aspects of my post.
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