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Jun 3, 2006
I only get a booting rom after flashing fastboot rom with Miflash.
For example I flash the EEA Global rom it boots and I can flash a newer EEA rom version without any problem.
But switching to any other rom works only by flashing a fastboot rom via Miflash.
Flashing any custom rom is not possible because all, doesn't matter which one, won't boot.
Strange but have this behaviour since I got the device.
So I can only use an official rom flashed with Miflash.
Just hoped that with the OneOS rom it would work but unfortunately not.
between xiaomi.eu and one.os? what is their pros and cons?
OneOS is based on EU roms so apart from the option "never turn off the screen and a different presentation of the parameters" they are the same.
With the OneOS in Usb Tethering, same place, same settings, same time, I lose 40% of speed compared to the Eu rom.
But there have only been 3 builds so far, it will surely improve over time.
The developer is currently trying to restore the AOSP options present in the first build.
Wait and see.

OTA Updates Weekly's
Unique Xiaomi AirDots App
Corrected icons of third-party apps
Added the ability to hide blocked numbers from contacts in call log
4 volume bars instead of the typical 3
User interface of Chinese developer settings
Removed Xiaomi telemetry applications
Removed non-essential Xiaomi applications that do not affect your cloud
Climate of Samsung (Port) instead of Xiaomi
Unlocked options only available in the weekly China camera (MiMoji does not work until a space error is corrected)
Fixed wrong Russian and Spanish language strings
Extended reset menu, similar to the real Xiaomi interface
MIUI Home with recent iOS style interface
Ability to disable any application (even settings, although obviously strongly discouraged)
iOS emoticons
APN configuration more updated than that of Official Xiaomi
Own store of updated system applications
Improved International GPS
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    sorry if it's not the right place, don't mean to spam any thread... @NOSS8 i think i understood you've been trying different roms ans are now using OneOS.
    Could you give us a quick "pro and cons" and why you've decided to stick to this one (compared to .eu one for example as i understood it is the same base, and compared to LOS based ones indeed)
    Of course anybody else is welcome to share his/her inputs too :D

    Many thanks !!

    Cheers !

    First my priorities on a rom are in order:
    Sounds, customizations (visuals, settings), speed, connection sharing (data pc).
    No root or magisk.
    miui eu rom V12.1.3.0.RJKCNXM, OneOS 20.11.17_v12-11 and currently MMX V12.2.1.0.RJKCNXM.:D
    Eu rom is the most homogeneous with a correct sound and good battery performance. Slow speed (certified playstore).
    Oneos is the most customizable with average sound and poorer battery life. Faster speed. (Playstore not certified).
    MMX has the best sound and good battery life. speed between the two. (playstore not certified).
    I use AOD. (all the time).
    xiaomieumultiHMK30ProV12.2.1.0.RJKCNXMv12-11 is better now.
    The projects of these roms are not yet completed (beta).
    But with all these roms, I always had the same problem in the more or less long term, connection sharing failed, sometimes restarting it solved the problem but not all the time.
    The biggest problem right now is the AOD which consumes too much.
    The speed is very good, the customizations is different from MIUI roms, many parameters are customizable.
    Cdroid is currently the most successful but I am waiting for the update (aod, fod, brightness) of the MSM-Xtended which more settings and customizations.
    Also whether it is MIUI or AOSP the audio equalizer fx does not work, I used it on my Redmi note 7 and the sound was exceptional.
    And also you lose the miui camera options.
    And There you go.
    Of course this is only my opinion:rolleyes:
    new information about rom, tell me what you think about this?
    2e for weekly??

    new information about rom, tell me what you think about this?
    2e for weekly??

    Sign of times.
    I don't know what to say. I pay for "Pro" or "Prime" options on a number of Play Store apps, but paying 2€/ month for weekly-maybe - unstable versions of a Rom... I don't know.
    New build.21.4.27

    MIUI BASE Used:
    21.4.22/23 - ALL

    OneOS changes:
    New - New application to manage Xiaomi AirDots 2S / 2 Pro / 2 SE / 2 Basic
    Optimized - Updated Base
    Optimized - Improved and updated patches
    Optimized - Optimizations for future improvements and mod