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This ok???

And now who to root??


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    You didn't know this mirror was wiped ? :) That's why I was looking for it…

    Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 23-04-37 Worker threw exception Cloudflare.png

    But found it on Telegram group:

    Thanks anyway
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    Dear mi11ultra users, I have received a good news. Our device has finally ushered in AOSP. I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I am not a developer. He comes from a developer: akashniki.
    I am only responsible for reprinting his achievements.
    The ROM address is as follows:ROM
    Build 04/05/2022

    - May security patch merged
    - Added support for Dolby Vision
    - Misc small changes
    - Fixed screen not waking up when set to anything below 120hz
    - Updated Graphics and Display blobs to LA.UM.9.14.r1-19300.01-LAHAINA.QSSI12.0
    - Added option to turn Screen OFF UDFPS off
    - Improvements to idle drain
    the 5G requires someone with a global version phone with root to send some files.

    infrared is going to be fixed soon, back screen is still a WIP.
    Any idea about hw to update in future?
    There is updates comming as soon as the developer find reasons, for the moment 3 updates is released!
    I tried the installation. Followed exactly as written. I installed the lastest .EU weekly, replaced the recovery, factory reset/data wipe and installation of the ROM with ADB sideload. All smooth without any issues. Afterwards rooted the phone with Magisk 24.3 and started reinstalling apps/restore from Swift Backup. Until now I didn't have any issues. Pictures look similar (as far as I have seen) and phone is very fluent. I don't use the rear screen - so not really missing it. For 5G - at least it shows 5G here in Germany. If it is really connected with 5G I can't really say. On MiUi it always showed the type of connection in the status bar. Here it is not the case. But until now I don't regret it. No china spam :). But I replaced the launcher immediately with lawnchair. The standard pixel launcher is too simple for me. Thanks DEV !!! Looking forward to further updates.