General [SHARED] [WORKAROUND] [FIX] A12 fast charge mod working! ringing tone while in calling fix!

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Yep... But A12 is in all other direction better
For me the charging speed with the magisk module is acceptable
And it's saving battery live...
"And it's saving battery live..."

Need a source on that, just googled it, and every article says, that fast charging does NOT have any effects on battery life and does NOT damage it.



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Kind of overkill i know but is there a way to support 67w charging on AOSP based roms

I can only use till 33w using one of the modules but my device does support 67w charging and it used to work great on Miui

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    It seems to be a common problem for a lot of custom roms. I tried Evolution X which takes 2 hours for full charge with charging speed 2000-2500 mA.

    Crdroid does around 2700 mA, which is like a 27 watt charger. On Miui it was like 4000 mA below 30% and then it keeps decreasing.
    Or you can try out miui EU rom, I like it better than all other custom roms personally. Fast charging is working perfectly
    The question is not the source, the question is if it's working?
    Which ROM?
    You do realize different people are allowed to ask different questions? Most people aren't going to flash random Magisk modules that get posted without a source.
    I've been using CrDroid 8.2 for couple of weeks now, fast charging seems to be working just fine without any "Enable Fast Charge" type magisk modules.
    Please can you share your charging time to charge from e.g. 20% to 80?
    Because I've faced that some apps show miscalculated mA....
    I don't really pay close attention to charge times since I usually charge it overnight, but it went from 32%(at the time of taking the screenshot) to 85% in about 40 minutes.

    I also checked battery stats usng Inware and CrDroid's lockscreen battery info. Both showed same mA.