Shinto kernel! How is the kernel that smooth?

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May 5, 2008
Google Pixel 2 XL
I have been using Shinto kernel for just about a week or so now, and I am spellbound with this kernel's performance! I mean this governor, Precognition, its just like a magic button of smoothness! Everything works so smooth that it feels like sometimes whether I am running Android or not!

But there is a slight thing which I would really like for the kernel to have, that is the Screen calibration feature, K cal app support, to make the default cinema mode even more accurate, so does anyone know how to achieve that with Shinto? I actually flashed some other kernel which has that feature and changed governor to Performance to achieve same smoothness of Shinto on Precog! But I don't want to use Performance as daily running governor! So if anyone has a clue kindly let me know.