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Shipping Estimates?

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May 20, 2006
San Diego
I grabbed 1 day shipping as well and my Date is the 14th as well. Now the race is on to see if MS store calls me about my replacement unit before my 16GB unit comes.


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Jul 30, 2007
Dayton, Ohio
picked up a 16 GB 2nd day shipping which was free and my date is Dec. 15th, I actually think it will arrive earlier than this date though.

otterbox commuter case has an arrival date of dec 9


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Jul 7, 2009
Washington, DC
You guys are all so lucky. I'm eBay-ing my Nexus for this phone.
I hope it does come before these dates you all are posting. If it ships on the 9th, I don't see it taking that amount of time. We'll see soon I suppose. :D


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Jul 19, 2007
I ordered the 8GB with next-day shipping & mine says the 14th.

I called back the DELL Rep when it changed to the 9th & he said that the website is wrong, since it isn't considering the amount of traffic & orders they are receiving. Most likely he said it is still the 14th but there is a strong possibility it could be earlier.


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Oct 10, 2007
16gb with 2 day and mine is due on the 15th. Oddly though, when I first ordered, it said a ship date of 12/9. Not sure how that equals the 15th, but whatevs...


Nov 15, 2010
December 15th with 2 day shipping as well for the 16gig model. Decided to switch to the 16 over the 8, though i want to upgrade the sd card, with as much issues as this phone has been reporting ( and potentially future issues ) voiding the warentee is something I dont feel comfortable doing just yet.


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Aug 14, 2007
Order Description: Dell Venue Pro Commuter Case
Order Date: 12/1/2010
Estimated Delivery Date: 12/10/2010

Order Description: Dell Venue Pro Smartphone, 16GB, UMTS 2100,1700,900, BLK
Order Date: 12/1/2010
Estimated Delivery Date: 12/17/2010

I used the "7 business days" free shipping option.


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Nov 16, 2007
Has anyone 'estimate delivery date' change for who ordered on the 1st/2nd Dec?

Cos Dell website change the estimate ship date from 12/12/2010 to 18/12/2010, wondering does this affect to those who already ordered before this changes?

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    Hey guys, I found this website where you can track your package. It gives you more information than the FeDex tracking website. The website is http://www.packagetrackr.com . If i'm not mistaken it even shows the location of the FedEx truck. Mine arrives on the 24th, i'm crossing my fingers.
    Hello guys. Yes, the pics are from the phone i recieved today. Yes, the droid pro camera sucks and i do have an iphone. The dvp is an awesome phone, its clear and easy to use. I took some pics and they are clear and crisp. keyboard a little small but might not use it that much. phone is big but feels real sturdy. back cover is plastic and comes off good. i will take pics with dvp camera and post them..
    Here’s the jist of the issue. I just spoke with a supervisor of a supervisor who knew quite a bit of information.

    Apparently those of us who placed an order on the 1st of December are second in line for delivery. First in line are customers that beat us to the launch date (somehow) – They should of have had their delivered TODAY or already shipped. Microsoft stores are also first; Estimate 100 DVP units per store @ 7 microsoft stores in total = 700 units already sold, 1000 units max.

    At this point, unless Dell is stupid, they would have made MUCH more than 1,000 units since they are also launching it for online sale. I was told by this higher supervisor that 20,000 units were placed online on the first week.

    Lets assume 5,000 units were manufactured for launch. Minus the 1,000 units already placed by Microsoft stores, MINUS, those that placed the order before launch date, gives us about 3,000 units remaining to be sold to 20,000 people.- THAT, people, is ridiculous!

    Now, let’s say all 3,000 units were sold to those people who placed the order on the 1st at 8AM in the morning. The question is, where the hell are their devices? Why can’t their orders be shipped as well?

    Let’s just say, there isn’t a defect, but the whole situation is rather an issue of low number in production units (as stated on the Dell blog). Why then, would dell launch the device online? Did they really think that only 500 people were going place an order on the 1st? Really Dell? How stupid can you be! Really!

    Even if you had place an order first thing in the morning at 8AM, you would not receive it today (14th) since those who’ve order online before launch date had already beat you to it. And apparently there were THOUSANDS of orders placed before the 1st, thus depleting the units available to those customers who order on launch date at 8AM.
    All this information was given to me over the phone with a higher supervisor of the Mobility center.

    Dell is ridiculous. If anything, customers who ordered on the 1st should demand compensation for:
    1) Misled information both online and through various dell representatives over the phone.
    2) Not being told in advanced of delayed shipment until the very, VERY last moment.
    3) Poor communication between several departments of launch details and issue assessment.
    4) Inconsistency in general throughout Dell.
    You gotta be [email protected]#$ing kidding me!!!!

    Just got home, opend up the box, that was by the way pretty dirty and underneath my fedex sticker there was another sticker that says republic of china ... picture will come later on but now the fact!!!

    I've put in the ATT sim that i have and as i started it up it says:

    "The SIM card can only be used on specific networks. Contact your customer service center for the unlock code."

    HAVE THEY LOST THEIR MINDS?!!!! I payed almost $500 for an unlocked phone to get this???


    I'll update as i go along!

    No, you paid $500 for a locked phone. It has always been made clear that the VP is locked to TMobile. There is also virtually no way, based on what's been said here and other places, you will get an unlock code for it.

    I have been lurking here most of the week and I have to say, that some of what I've seen said here is just shameful. Some of you act like spoiled little kids who are holding your breath to try and get your way.
    Alright. My DVP is set to arrive this Tuesday (14th) as stated on my order status page. i also have next day delivery. However, the webpage doesnt show my DVP being shipped yet. In fact, its still showing "IN PRODUCTION" as of right now.

    Hopefully they will ship it tomorrow (13th) so that I can have it on tuesday.

    BTW, what happens if they don't deliver on time? Do they compensate you for paying 16 bucks? What happens? I payed too much to not have dell "deliver" *(pun intended).

    Its a sunday so it probally wont ship tonight but it has to go out at least 8 am tomorrow for next day delivery. Dell is weird they missed my sahipping before and gave me 40 dollars off so you never know what they would do. But they would be doing bad business by not getting units out tomorrow with the nexus s launching this week