Should I be posting here or is there a specific Samsung Galaxy M-52

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Aug 16, 2022
Samsung Galaxy M51
Hi all,
Before commenting, I did try to search unsatisfactorily to see if there is a Samsung Galaxy M-52G corner but unfortunately it seems not.

My specific device is Android (Samsung; SM-M526B; Lahaina; arm64-v8a) v12 . In the inventory section, I had to add M51 although I don't own it and have only M52G.

My actual question is, can I root M52G, and does it use all the files, and resources that M51G uses?

I am on a Debian testing box (no Windows) so what sort of precautions I need to take. I do understand I would have to take a backup but dunno the different ways I can go about it. The best for me is to backup all the info. on a thumb-drive unless people think that is a wrong option.

Looking forward to know more.