Question Should really have a separate device listed for this question regarding the real me 8 5g

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I'm trying to root my real mi 8 5 g we using the stock ROM and magisk now I cannot extract the boot.img file from the stock roms I have downloaded as they're in a database format instead of ozip I can deal with ozip using python and the decrypt scripts but I am currently stuck as I need the rmx3241_11_A.22 stock version of the rom or if somebody can post me a link to just the boot.img file that would be fantastic...

Also secondly I have the 128 GB version of the phone but since I do a lot of installing of tools & toys and play around a lot I am running short of space so I have added one terabyte of SD storage but apps do not seem to recognise it any pointers?

Thanks for your time!
Global, sorry-was trying to get a screenshot but I seem to have disabled that option!

There we go turned it on again!
U use global version or Indian version?
If u can send me the ofp link I can extract it.