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Sep 20, 2013
I have installed the AOSP based ArrowOS and CrDroid roms and the audio lag on my bluetooth earbuds is considerable. According to the Audio Checker app, the latency is 244 ms, but in reality the latency has to be close to a second, especially when I'm using the Moonlight Game Streaming app.

However, in Miui or Xiaomi EU the latency is imperceptible. Audio Checker shows 80 ms of latency in these roms and in practice it is the same, I have even played Resident Evil 8 with bluetooth headphones and with a kishi connected to the mobile transmitting from my computer. The experience is good considering I'm using $30 Tozo T12 headphones.

As you can see in the attached images, in the miui based roms the audio buffer size is smaller than in the Aosp roms, at least that is what the Audio Checker app shows. So is it possible to modify some system file (I have root access) on those AOSP based roms to reduce bluetooth audio latency?
The app was last updated 7 years ago. I wouldn't trust its values too much..

But I've heard of other people complaining about significant Bluetooth Audio Delay in AOSP ROMs, compared to MIUI...

But does your Bluetooth headphone support AptX? You might be able to enable this in Bluetooth device settings.

Could try asking their respective Telegram Groups...
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