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SIM Card connection acting up since 10.3 update

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Senior Member
Sep 7, 2010
Hello guys,

Since last update I have some weird issues with my phone.

The issue:

Randomly the phone will go into "no sim inserted" mode.
Within seconds the sim will "reconnect" and get network again.
One the issue happens, it does it non stop ever few minutes, also draining the battery in the process

This happens exactly since I updated to 10.3.0.

What I have tried:
- Rebooting the phone - No improvement.
- Removing the sim and putting it back in - fixes the issue for a couple of days
- Changing sim tray - Same as above

Carrier: SFR-RED (France).

Phone is unlocked and rooted with latest magisk.

Any of you have a clue what this can be?

Thanks :)