SIM Detected But No Service???

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Aug 19, 2013
Orange County, CA
Hey Everyone. So I just received my unlocked 7 Pro from OnePlus' website, and trying to use it on T-Mobile. Took my SIM card out of my Pixel 2 XL and popped it in. Noticed when I first powered on at the beginning of setup, there is no cellular signal. Went through setup and still no signal. Even updated to 9.5.13.GM21AA and STILL no signal. It's weird because it detects the SIM card in slot 1, and even shows my phone number on the SIM, but shows Network as "Unknown" and "Disconnected, Radio Off, etc." Same exact thing on SIM slot 2. The correct APN is selected and everything. SIM still works perfectly fine in my 2 XL. Even tried a friend's T-Mobile SIM card, and the same thing. It detects the number, but no signal. Did I get a lemon? Don't think it's the SIM since I tried two different ones, and my current one still works in my 2 XL.

Cellular network not working even though it detects the SIM card. Does this sound like a hardware issue? Already got a RMA number to send it back, but if it's a simple fix, I'd rather do that instead of having to ship it out and wait a week to get a replacement.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Jan 9, 2015
OnePlus 8T
have you registered to network or dialed *#*#4636#*#* are you rooted or no different options to take the project fi - t apn makes my whole network setting disappear lol i fixed it google dont play nice


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